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Man Charged With Assault After Injuring Fans During Balcony Dive At Bring Me The Horizon, Etc. Show

A report running over at has word that a 23 year old concertgoer identified as Alex McCormick has been charged with three counts of third degree assault, after jumping off the balcony onto fellow concertgoers at the February 13th Denver, CO stop of the Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice & Men, etc. tour.

McCormick‘s jump allegedly caused head and neck trauma to two audience members, while a third victim suffered minor injuries. McCormick is said to have fled the scene after his jump, being arrested later that night.

According to the report, he was charged on February 18th and is next due in court on February 24th. All three injured concertgoers were transferred to Denver Health Medical Center, no further details were provided on their condition.


  • MyDarkPassenger

    These are the perils inherent in every BMTH fan. I would love to see a video of this, in that sick curiosity sorta way.

  • jamieafuckinga

    Let me guess, he landed on a bunch of unsupervised 14 year old fan girls…

  • STH5563

    I wish everybody would have moved. Why would you jump off the balcony? Idiot. I hate most crowd surfers and stage divers.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      Only most?

      • NoSalvation

        I only hate the really big and fat ones. Dude at a Devildriver show in Memphis was wearing overalls, only overalls from the looks of it, weighed a healthy 300 and kept getting on stage and jumping into the crowd… Now, this happened at the New Daisy and there was not a lot of people packed together at all. It took about 4 stage dives and one seriously injured person before security beat the fuck outta that idiot and removed him from the show. I weigh like 130, he was lookin at me, pointin at me even, from the stage, I was shakin’ my head, pushin motherfuckers outta my way. No fuckin’ way was I gonna let that fat bastard land on me with me knowing he was coming. Some little 5 foot nothing chick, that would have been cool. But Farmer Fran with an extra 100 pounds, fuck that.

      • STH5563

        I hear ya MDP, but the small percentage I don’t hate are the ones, like NoSalvation said, that are not fat and nasty. Also, the ones that know how to do it right. I hate the people that climb, kick, and claw while crowd surfing. I either punch the shit out of them or slam their asses to the ground. The stage-divers that run and jump as high as they can, I’ll push everybody out of the way so they can smack off of the concrete.

  • Cyanidenailbomb

    Stage diving has never been a problem to me, but diving from the balcony is just idiotic. I witnessed someone jump from one during a Converge set once, and he landed on a tiny girl, who then started going into convulsions. It was an awful thing to have to experience. The kid got literally thrown out by security, at least.

    • ocillotist

      No Hero there heh? Was her name Jane Doe? All The Love He Left Behind at the Converge show… I will stop.

  • oldnewtype

    1. Why would you be on the balcony at a Converge show?
    2. I probably would have jumped off too. Those guys make me feel like I’m on cocaine.

    • Cyanidenailbomb

      It was at this place called “The Chance” in Poughkeepsie, NY, which used to be an old theater. It was at a pretty big fest for our area with a lot of bigger bands, so it was overcrowded as fuck. They generally don’t let people up there, but they did for this show.

      I should also reiterate that I wasn’t on the balcony myself; The guy landed pretty much right in front of me near the pit area.

      • NoSalvation

        Was it that big of a drop? It would probably have been okay if people were aware he was jumping, I’m assuming they weren’t which would explain why they got hurt.

      • Cyanidenailbomb

        NoSalvation, I would estimate it to be at the very least a 12 foot drop from the top to the pit area. Here’s a shot of it:

        Nobody had a friggin clue the guy was going to jump. It wasn’t during any kind of build up in a song, he just climbed the rail and dove. The problem was that the area he jumped into didn’t have a lot of people…it was pretty thin, so he clipped one guy and his weight landed almost entirely on the girl. I remember seeing Converge again a year after that, and when I mentioned it to Jacob, he just shook his head and said “Yeah…that was stupid”.

      • NoSalvation

        Okay, there for a second I had the stories infused together in my mind.. Anyway, that drop must have been one fuckin’ hell of an adrenaline rush. Sucks for the chick. If a band member did some shit like that, like Slipknot and Pearl Jam used to, then it would be all good, because people were paying attention to them. That dude must have just lost it, because the chances of actually dying are more than what I would have risked for damn sure. I’ll do that shit if I ever get famous, til then, some dude is just gonna have to boost me up from the floor of the pit.

  • whatisyourforte

    If shit like this keeps happening, Oliver is going to run out of fans to pee on.

  • Dax

    It’s possible the sheer insincerity of the band was causing him to run for the nearest exit.

    • MARIACHI EL willX

      true. BMTH blow ass!

    • NoSalvation

      Nice, probably drove dude to attempt suicide but landed on people instead of concrete.

  • taznewjackdreamer

    Unfortunately, this case may be hard to prove without video evidence. Most BMTH fans act as if they’ve sustained some sort of significant head trauma already, therefore his actions may have only exacerbated a preexisting condition at most. But, if justice prevails in this incident, he will pay the price for “the Comedown.”

  • adamonfire

    Another case of you guys judging a band by their fans. Saw them last night, they’re about as tight of a group as you’ll find touring right now. If someone were to blindfold you and put on some of their tracks you’d be like “damn, this is pretty good” – but you’re judging a book by the cover here.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      I know where you’re coming from with this but I can honestly say I’ve made efforts to get into them with friends’ recommendations and once before I saw them open for someone years ago. I didn’t like them then and I’m assuming it hasn’t gotten any better.

      But again I know what you mean because they do a lot of douchebag shit on the internet that gets their musical output discounted.

      • STH5563

        Oli is an asshole and the fans they have brought in over the last 5 years are extremely annoying. Their music, however, is not bad. I agree with Adam. Count Your Blessings was nasty in a good way. Their last three albums have been very clean and crisp, but I tend to pick and choose songs from them. I have seen them live 4 times now. Every time I see them, their stage performance gets better. Oli just needs to STFU.

  • SiX50SiD