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Philip H. Anselmo & Child Bite’s Anal Cunt Covers EP Now Available Online

Philip H. Anselmo‘s (Down, etc.) pairing with Child Bite can now be purchased online. The two parties collaborated on an EP of Anal Cunt covers titled “Morbid Hits“. The effort was previously available online at the ‘Berserker Music Fest‘. You can now pick up a copy here.


  • dmoe

    Awesome. I loved AC.

  • adamonfire

    Child Bite making it onto ThePRP? Detroit is takin’ over, ya fools. Here’s the next band to look out for if they come to your area:

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Thanks onfire, that’s some great 70s styled grit. Plus the one dude is wearing a Zeke shirt.

      • adamonfire

        Glad you enjoyed it, I see the drummer at a lot of local shows and he’s always wearing his Turbojugend vest so I know the band is huge fans of TN.


    Great tribute ep hope they do i part 2 and cover some vaginal jesus as well,