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Demon Hunter Offering Fans A Chance To Hear New Song “Artificial Light”

A new Demon Hunter song titled “Artificial Light” is available for your ears, but you’re going to have to call a phone number to hear it. You can find the details for that below. Solid State will release the bands new album “Extremist” on March 18th.



  • invisiblebastard

    What the fuck is this bands problem? They need to quit being fucking stupid, and just put it online. Stop making everyone jump through hoops for a product that will be watered down and accessible enough to entice fans of Thousand Foot Krutch, and Kutless, and other Christian band that cannot spell properly.

  • The Mad Magician

    I like demon hunter as much as anybody, but this bullshit has to stop.

  • webb71

    This is fucking stupid. “here call this number and listen to the new song through your shitty phone speakers instead of streaming it on the internet with your bose earbuds” No thanks, I can wait.

  • adamonfire

    2001 called, it wants its marketing plan back

    • The Mad Magician

      I was actually thinking this sounded like somethingI would read about in a magazine circa maybe 1996.
      Seriously, in todays music age of convenience and accessibility, let’s make your music as fucking obtuse to listen to as possible.

    • kturl69

      I remember we had this conversation a long time ago but remember when Atreyu had you put the song together? That was pretty fucking cool. Also this has nothing to do with DH.

      • adamonfire

        Yep, it was through a puzzle – I think it was Becoming the Bull?