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Demon Hunter Unveil “Extremist” Cover Art

If you want to see the cover art for Demon Hunter‘s new album “Extremist“, then head to this location. There is a catch however, as you will need to signup to see it. “Extremist” is headed towards a March 18th release date on Solid State Records.


  • Sam Eagle

    I like Demon Hunter, but this is taking things to a whole new level of low.

    Sign up for text messages & emails from Solid State Records…all just so you can get a “sneak peek” of an album cover!

    How about NO?

  • invisiblebastard

    As soft as they’ve gotten in the last 2-3 albums, I expect them to be hunting teddy bears now.

    • nickmongonijr

      Teddy Bear Hunter kinda has a nice ring to it.