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Metallica Speak On “Through The Never” Flopping At The Box Office, Release Final Webisode

The final chapter of Metallica‘s “Hit The Lights: The Making Of Metallica Through The Never” can be found over at (also available below.) It appeared as an extra on the Blu-ray edition of the bands film “Metallica Through The Never“, which hit stores last week.

The bands Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett also chatted with the above-mentioned site about the film underperforming at the box office during its theatrical run (the film took in just north of 3.4 million USD on its domestic run on an estimated 20-30 million dollar budget.)

When asked if he thought “Metallica Through The Never” would be a commercial success, Ulrich offered:

“Well, I think anytime you do anything, obviously at some point you’re disappointed. It seemed with [the 2004 Metallica documentary] Some Kind of Monster, there was a group of people that fell in love the film that that weren’t necessarily Metallica fans. And I think that we were thinking that there was a shot of that happening too [with Through the Never] and that didn’t happen. Maybe we were disappointed that that didn’t happen.

On if he hopes it finds a new life on home video:

“Obviously, every single filmmaker on this planet will say the following sentence: “My movie should be seen on a big screen, not on an iPod.” [Laughs.] But this movie I would like to say in my own selfish way really should be seen on a big screen. If you’ll get something out of it on an eight-inch monitor on an airplane, I think that’s totally cool – and obviously I want people see it any way they can but, given a preference, I would rather they see it on an IMAX screen rather than an eight-inch monitor on an airplane. But I can’t control that. And the minute you let go of it, you let go of it.

Hammett replied with the following when asked if they would ever do another movie:

“In a heartbeat, just as long as someone else was paying for it. Not only is it a different experience, but it’s crazy how expensive it is to make a movie. It’s much more expensive to make a movie than it is to make a piece of music.”



  • adamonfire

    The marketing on that thing was awful, nobody knew what the hell it was supposed to be.

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      The concept (or lack there of) was flawed as well. The marketing showed more of the civil unrest/trip narrative as being more substantial than it really was.

      If you count the webisodes and featurettes as part of the marketing, then there are entire musical numbers and visual sequences that were completed and never put into the film.

      I would rather a blu-ray that has just the concert, the full concert with the Metal Up Yer Ass toilet. And then as a bonus have this little 15 minute narrative short film that features bits of Metallica music and symbology, that doesn’t really work.

      My favorite part of the whole movie was the band playing Orion at the end without an audience. The damn stage is so big that it neutralizes the audience. The audience should be a character and that wasn’t the case in Through the Never.

      I was impressed with Fidelman’s mix. Orion sounded tremendous.

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Hell, I would’ve preferred their DeHaan performance of Kill ‘em All on blu-ray.

      Adamonfire, you were there, if I remember correctly. That must’ve been cool. \m/

      • adamonfire

        Yes sir, it was amazing. Orion was just a great festival overall, and I’m quite sad to see it go – I would’ve been willing to travel for it if the lineup were good enough. Here’s a pretty damn good recording of the show –


    I don’t know what’s more delusional: the fact that they thought non-Metallica fans would see it or that Lars considers himself a filmmaker now.

    Also, movies are more expensive to make than music? No shit, you don’t say? Maybe you guys should uh, you know, make with the music already.

    • NoSalvation

      I was totally caught off guard. I’ve always thought albums took millions and millions of dollars to record. Metallica albums that take years to record, I assumed they spent billions.

  • smartassboiler

    As a concert DVD it was pretty cool, and some of the scenes had good imagery, but the “story” didn’t make any fucking sense.

    • NoSalvation

      I feel kinda the opposite what you said, the concert was alright but I liked the story more, but I do agree that it didn’t make perfect sense, maybe it was some metaphor I wasn’t getting.

  • Aggroculture

    I am still convinced that the image they use to market this thing is something to do with Slipknot.

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