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Palms (Deftones, Ex-Isis) In The Studio

Deftones and ex-Isis member featuring outfit Palms have been in the studio lately. Given the micing in one of the below pictures they shared, one would assume they are recording, however the photos thus far merely tease ’round 2′.


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    • Stereotypical Evil Archer     December 23, 2013 at 10:17 am

      I like their album. I expected the much heavier musical elements of Isis to have been present for very brief, but climatic crescendos; they can always to that in the future, even though that’s not what they seem to be into at this time.

      One can hope

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      • first album was written and recorded musically before chino was even involved, so i dont know how much more isis you can get than that. id actually want more involvement from chino this time around so its not him awkwardly crowbarring vocals into essentially complete songs.

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        • MyDarkPassenger     December 25, 2013 at 10:02 am

          Yeah I think the intent of his statement is for the record to have the actual feel of Isis, which the previous one scarcely did. I, like many, feel that a Chino led Isis would be a match made in heaven. Maybe next time.

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        • i realize that, but the less chino bit would imply that it wasnt more like isis because of him

          and it does have the feel of isis, just minus the heavy parts

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    • If you want isis, listen to fucking isis, that band is not about isis, it’s about creating a new sound besides isis, ignorant blind people, that’s usual for prp!

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