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Suffokate On Lineup Change: “We Had At Least 10-15 Diff Members Before Our First Release”

Suffokate have addressed some criticism they have faced regarding their latest lineup, which finds drummer Lars Diaz as the only returning member. The group spoke of that as part of a larger update, which you can read below:

“Just wanted to post some answers to questions/comments we get pretty regularly to clear the air and hopefully inform those of you who seem to have incorrect information about us. First of all although we may be categorized as deathcore we started writing/playing music around 2001-2002 and released our first album on our own in 2003 which is well before the term deathcore had ever been used, and well before many of the now popular deathcore bands had even been created.

Secondly when we came up with the name Suffokate we did not think that at any point we would reach a level of success to where people would be upset that our name is similar to Suffocation a deathmetal band we enjoy and now have had the pleasure of touring/performin with, so we apologize for our lack of creativity w/our name when we were in high school at the time we weren’t really thinking that anyone would actually listen or enjoy our music we just wanted to have fun playing and writing music.

Thirdly the K in our name has no deeper significance then the necessity of changing our name from Suffocate to something else quickly due to a band contacting us and informing us that they had the name copyrighted and were gonna pursue legal action if it wasn’t changed, so we went for a quick fix and changed the c to a k.

Lastly we had at least 10-15 diff members before our first release and have always had lineup changes throughout the years only one of our members has been in the band the entire time so to say that we wont be the same without any member is in our opinion kinda silly, but everyone is entitled to there own opinion.”

The band currently have the following shows booked for March:

03/07 Petaluma, CA – The Phoenix Theatre
03/08 Lodi, CA – TBA
03/13 Bakersfield, CA – Jerry’s Pizza
03/15 Santa Ana, CA – Malone’s



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