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Former Korn Drummer David Silveria Unloads On Ex-Bandmates, Calls Fieldy A “Cowardly Little Bitch”

Former Korn drummer David Silveria let loose on his ex-bandmate, Korn bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu last night. Replying to a fan via his Facebook in a since deleted post, Silveria proceeded to unload on Fieldy and the rest of the band.

He was initially asked the following by a fan:

“Reading Fieldys book, he mentions you, saying how he threw down his bass and called you out to fight him and after that you two never got along, what the hell happened? Did you put him in a armbar? Lol”

He then replied to a number of similar queries, with excerpts—some of which he has already deleted (caps available at MetalSucks)—posted below:

“Ha ha!! Fieldy NEVER threw down his bass and tried to fight me. He is a coward with a big mouth and he knows I would beat his ass like the little wimp that he is. I would love for him to talk shit to my face now. I would love to crush him like a bitch.”

“Feel free to share my other comment anywhere that fieldy may see it.”

“Sorry guys. Fieldy has acted like a tough guy for so long it’s nice to tell the truth. Not only is he NOT a tough guy but he’s a cowardly little bitch. He never tried to fight me cuz he knows I would squash him like a bug. He acted like a tough guy on tour to our staff cuz he knew he could get away with it because our crew got paid well and didn’t want to lose their jobs. He used that to walk around acting like he though he was a tough gangsta. Our entire crew laughed at him behind his back because they all knew he is a pussy. I would love to see him out somewhere with no security to protect the runt. He wouldn’t say anything because he’s totally scared of me.”

Munky just puts up with them. A lot of people don’t know this but after I left the band Jon and fieldy would gang up on Munky trying to control him and Munky QUIT the band 3 times since I’ve been gone. When I was in the band I stood up to their control freak nonsense and Munky became their target after I left. It’s all nonsense because there is no reason for them to be asshole drama control freaks when they could have been cool like Munky and I and just embraced the blessing of being able to play music for a living. Fieldy and Jon had drama almost daily. I never wanted anything to do with their stupid nonsense. I just wanted to enjoy being a rock star and rock the world drama free!!”

“If all of these post get put on Blabbermouth so be it. It’s all true and the band members know.”

“The original Korn sound is gone. It’s the JD show now and it just no good.”

“Before I left the band he became a Christian but he just really became a judgmental self righteous idiot. Seriously.”


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      • TheMediaProphet     December 19, 2013 at 10:50 am

        The comments about Fieldy are strange. I’ve seen a lot of videos of the guys and he has always come across as super nice. But who knows off camera?

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        • RUREADY2JIGGLE?     December 19, 2013 at 3:54 pm

          Also worth mentioning, on the commentary for the South Park episode, Korn’s Groovy Pirate Mystery, Trey Parker mentions that Fieldy was being a bit of a bitch about his character design and the other members of the band were teasing him about it.

          Also, that fat slob Ian Robinson (ex MTV VJ) once mentioned how much he hated Korn and how he had to constantly cover him. He said they were all nice except for Fieldy who was “too cool for school.”

          Also, Fieldy’s Dreams. And Stillwell. And click-click clackety-clack-clack.

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        • JimCroceLoverXEX     December 19, 2013 at 4:10 pm

          I believe Fieldy told Matt and Trey that he was tough so make him tough in the show so Matt and Trey turned him into Velma.

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        • I forgot about that South Park episode. That’s hilarious. I used to have a KoRn DVD. All of the backstage clips made Fieldy seem pompous.

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    • The story is still on point from the last one he said, about it being the JD show. I’m sure it’s all true. Not defending David so hard or anything, but I would get tired of moving in a whack direction with my band and having no say in anything as well. Also what ever happened to Infinika? Is that still a thing??

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      • I agree. Revolver did an interview with them right when the last album was released and Head talked about how he wanted to make a strictly metal album and he and Davis butted heads. They ended up “compromising” which is a nice way to say Head fell in line so as to collect some of the big Korn paychecks. Davis is the puppetmaster there, no doubt about it.

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      • RUREADY2JIGGLE?     December 19, 2013 at 3:56 pm

        I think it’s easy to make that assumption based on the fact that it aligns with your personal opinion of their latter day material, BUT I find it hard to believe that David is somehow the “grounded” one in all of this and that the other four guys are THAT crazy.

        Honestly, I think they are all douchey in their own right. David’s just butthurt because he wasn’t invited back to the party.

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    • It’s Korn’s “new sound” and this type of 7th grade dick-measuring that makes me ashamed to have been such a massive fan through Follow the Leader. One thing David did get right is his statement of feeling “blessed” to be able to play music for a living – that’s a damn special career and everyone lucky enough to do it and live well should be damn grateful.

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    • SpinSwimScream     December 19, 2013 at 1:10 pm

      I continue to like David more and more, with every bit of new information he chooses to share with us. It all makes sense. Some will say David is just starting more drama by talking about said drama, but the truth just hurts sometimes. The truth he is speaking just so happens to be nothing but negatives about Jon and Fieldy. Korn has been completely awful for a very long time, so it’s nice to understand the real reasons and not JD’s excuses for once.

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      • RUREADY2JIGGLE?     December 19, 2013 at 3:59 pm

        Information? I just see one person’s perspective. And that person happens to be particularly jaded if you ask me. Always consider the source. Your bitter ex-girlfriend will probably talk mad shit about how small your wiener is. Does that make it true?

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        • SpinSwimScream     December 19, 2013 at 8:09 pm

          I always question the source. The only 100% facts here are: David isn’t in the band, and the music still sucks my Rottweiler’s ass.

          The fact that JD is so into electronics, dub step etc., you could kind of ‘almost’ point some fingers at him for shit being so bad. What David says may very well be the ‘convenient truth,’ but it all seems to make sense.

          Also… This band is worse than the two deuces I dropped earlier today. I haven’t liked them since ‘Issues.’ That’s a really long time ago. So, it’s not like I really care too much. Damn…

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        • SpinSwimScream     December 19, 2013 at 8:15 pm

          Things to think about before forming your own opinion, because we will more than likely never know the full truth…

          The band hasn’t been good since David left.

          David claiming to be the only one to stand up for what’s right, is a good indicator as to why he has never been invited back.

          The fact that they’ve lost their guitarist multiple times is a good sign that something is wrong at the helm.

          The fact that JD is so into dub step and electronics, and it being a part of Korn just goes to show that he is calling the shots.

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        • RUREADY2JIGGLE?     December 20, 2013 at 11:51 am

          The band was circling the drain long before David bailed, leat we forget See You On The Other Side and the dreadful Take A Look In The Mirror.

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    • Most of what he is saying is probably true and we all know JD ruined this once mighty band long ago. Having met David a few times he seems like a cool guy, but he needs to just let it go and move on.

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      • MyDarkPassenger     December 19, 2013 at 2:43 pm

        They’re both clearly suffering from an alcohol problem given that they take to the internet late at night to pointlessly go after their former band mates. That’s never a good sign. Think of the most annoying aggressive drunk you know. Hopefully it isn’t you.

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    • RUREADY2JIGGLE?     December 19, 2013 at 4:02 pm

      As douchey as Fieldy and JD may be, how douchey must David be in order to not be invited back by ANYONE? Do you see him joining any other bands of note? Is he jamming with anyone worth mentioning? Let’s not forget this guy is likely just bitter as fuck because he couldn’t bask in the short-lived glory of this reunion.

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