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Baroness Recap The Year In New Reflective New Video

Baroness recap their latest round of touring in the below video which is interspersed with live footage and the struggles the band has faced since their 2012 bus crash.


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    • Justanotherpassenger     December 16, 2013 at 10:40 am

      I find this really inspiring. These guys have completely come through a devastating ordeal and seem to have the highest spirits. I think if you juxtaposition this with All That Remains’ bus “crash” and how Phil complained about being woken and having to provide his date of birth, you can get a sense of the various levels of decency and gaciousness in the music business.

      Baroness is the absolute real deal and are far and away the most true-to-sound band I’ve ever heard live. The sound they get at their shows is infuckingsane. Here’s to a great upcoming year for this band. They deserve it.

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