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MMA Fighter Josh Barnett Takes On Stage Divers At Recent Every Time I Die Show

MMA fighter Josh Barnett was once again in attendance at an Every Time I Die show recently; and got in on the fun by torture racking a stage diver before tossing him back into the crowd. Every Time I Die superfans are likely aware of the bands long running friendship with the fighter, as he has indulged in this type of behavior onstage for them before. Footage of the latest toss filmed from the stage can be found below.


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    • At the Detroit show a kid kept stage diving in an old WCW shirt, so Keith said he had to do a wrestling move off the stage. The kid began to go back into the crowd but Andy stopped him, bent him over and then powerbombed him into the crowd. It was awesome.

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    • I don’t really care about MMA, but this guy is wearing a Bolt Thrower shirt in this video, his nickname is “The Warmaster” and, apparently, he walks out to “The IVth Crusade”. I may have to start paying attention.

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    • Toronto show like a year ago, Jordan stacked a ton of amps up and climbed them and got most of the crowd to line up to catch him, I honestly thought he was going to die, namely because I didn’t bother trying to save his ass. Was probably a solid 15 feet, cleared the stage and landed on people. Sidenote, was probably the best playlist I’ve ever heard from them, after the misfortune of seeing them in London with Stick To Your Guns, what a fucking awful band.

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    • I saw him getting tossed, but its as if his body went lifeless and the fucking crowd of tweeners in the front just moved out of the way. Head wreck ciiiiitay! They need to just straight up bring out the entire original NWO as an entourage brother!

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