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  • jrr

    I see what they did there…

  • Vitamin Doom

    Sounds like Every Time He is Legend and the Sons of Disaster.

    • My Farts Linger



      noun: comma; plural noun: commas; noun: comma butterfly; plural noun: comma butterflies

      1. a punctuation mark (,) indicating a pause between parts of a sentence. It is also used to separate items in a list and to mark the place of thousands in a large numeral.

      • Vitamin Doom

        Apparently my attempt to combine the bands’ names as one name was not well perceived. Hence why I did not put any punctuation. Don’t be a dick, Farts.

      • jrr

        What’s all this about comma butterflies now?

        My previous comment would apply to your post as well. Not sure how your intent wasn’t obvious to everyone.

    • TheVillain

      I followed your reference and I agree, to a certain degree. so, good call!

  • whatisyourforte

    Meh-very Time I Die

  • elemenohpe

    Sounds like Gutter Phenomenon b-sides. Not necessarily a bad thing but, I can see why ETID says he became apathetic to work with after that record… they kept progressing and Ratboy seems to have stayed at the same place, musically.

  • star_AD

    Ratboy is such a miserable bitch.

  • krispy23

    I like! I can’t wait to hear more! Novak is a great dude. Continue to sit in your butts and talk crap. ;)

  • adamonfire

    Bad name, good tunes.

  • TheVillain

    The name is genius! F.U.C.K. come on! and the songs have different vibes to them which makes me curious to hear more. Reminiscent of everytime I die, maylene, wilson etc.? definitely! and that’s awesome because those are all awesome bands.

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