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Kittie’s Morgan Lander: “The Butcher Babies Are Insulting On So Many Levels”, Butcher Babies Reveal Headline Shows (Updated)

Kittie frontwoman/guitarist Morgan Lander is no fan of the Butcher Babies it would seem. Speaking of the reformed ‘slut metal’ outfit through her Twitter last night, Lander stated:

“Real talk: The Butcher Babies are insulting on so many levels.”

On a related note, the Butcher Babies themselves have announced a number of headlining shows in an and around their coming fall tour with Danzig, A Pale Horse Named Death and more. Those stops include:

10/02 Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock Live
10/04 San Antonio, TX – White Rabbit
10/05 Shreveport, LA – The Riverside Warehouse (feat. Scar The Martyr)
10/10 Destin, FL – Club L.A.
10/16 Luzerne, PA – Brews Brothers West
10/22 Pontiac, MI – Pike Room

Update – September 23rd 11:00pm:

While responding to criticisms & accusations leveled against her by commenters on this very post, Landers herself also took to clarifying her comments regarding the Butcher Babies. Her reply can be read here.


  • Lordgrayskull777

    Morgan……honey (please note the sarcasm in that statement)……Butcher Babies are not my cup of tea. But they have something that Kittie does not. BB actually have the right people backing their career and have enough gratitude to avoid taking those people (or more importantly their fans) for granted. I personally witnessed how professional BB were to the fans and the people working at the Mayhem Fest at the Houston stop. Also, the other touring bands would not shut up about how professional they were, especially Huntress and Battlecross.

    I have personally seen you and your sister talk shit about your fans behind your backs and seen you burn so many bridges because of you and your sister’s collective shitty attitude. I know for a fact your parents did not raise you this way.

    Oh hey, got a question. How does it feel to know that your band is stuck in career hell playing to maybe 300 people at most a night (if your lucky)…..while BB is out just killing it on big tours and making a career for themselves.

    I thought so… please shut the fuck up.


      You go girl!

      *snaps fingers while waving arm from side to side*

      • Kuthridge

        Ooh, sassy.


      Also, Kittie were in that same position 12/13 years ago — a hot, on the rise band with some “buzz.” You can bet if Butcher Scabies make it that long, they’ll be just as washed up as Shittie.

      • Lordgrayskull777

        Actually, Butcher Babies have the full backing of Century Media (a powerhouse label), as well as powerhouse booking and management. They will have a good career and will probably be headlining big rooms in a few years. I still don’t like them, but I would rather see them sell records than see that skank Miley Cyrus “twerk” and lick a hammer.


        Kittie must have had a decent label and management back in the day, too. How else were they booking tours with the likes of Slipknot and (a pre-washed-up) Fear Factory? They were also all over MTV as well.

        Like I said, both bands are gimmicks and as soon as Butch Tits start sagging, they will be dropping their turds in the same sized litter-boxes as Kittie.

      • scorpions

        Kittie actually toured with Pantera for a bit…

    • adamonfire

      BB is headlining at a venue here that holds 250 people at most. If I get out of class in time I may check it out, but I don’t think they’re quite at the level you believe they may be at just yet. I caught most of their act at Mayhem and was fairly impressed, but I really don’t see them gaining a ton of traction.

      • Lordgrayskull777

        Butcher Babies are not that big of a band yet, but they will get there with the companies they have backing them.

    • BloodyBoneKummer

      It’s official, Lord Greyskull probably has the shittiest music taste on the site.
      How much more can you suck off the Butcher Babies?
      I bet your boyfriend can’t even look you in the eyes anymore while you regurgitate Butcher Babies lyrics with a mouth full of semen

      • Lordgrayskull777

        Hey retard, I didn’t say I liked the Butcher Babies. If you read closely, I said they are not exactly my cup of tea.

        If you ever rode in a car with me, you will see CD’s of Pentagram, Carcass, At The Gates, Rollins Band, Napalm Death, Moonspell, Witch Cross, Iron Maiden, Immolation, and Skeletonwitch……just to name a few. I have damn good taste in metal music.

        If I wanted to listen to a band with a Bondage Dominance Sade-Masochistic theme to the lyrics, I would listen to the Genitorturers or The Plasmatics.

        Besides, I wrote that response not exactly to stick up for Butcher Babies, but to school Morgan Lander on a little thing called respect.

        That girl has incurred a ton of bad karma for the way she’s acted in the past 13 years of her career. Maybe if she changed her tune and showed more respect and gratitude, her career probably wouldn’t be in the shitter.

      • adamonfire

        You still use CDs in your car?

      • SpinSwimScream

        I recently went back to CD’s too. They sound much better than digital and there’s something about having the physical copy over a digital one. I like buying CD’s and I’m sure the artists don’t mind either.

      • Lordgrayskull777

        Adam, yes I do. I go to shows and buy CD’s off of bands. That way, they see the majority of the money for the record sale.

      • adamonfire

        I wasn’t implying that you shouldn’t be purchasing their music, it was more about the delivery method/medium in which you use to play it. I have quite a few CDs/vinyls that have never touched a tray or player because I’d rather just take the digital download card and throw the music on my phone so I have a large collection that’s easy to sort through.

      • SpinSwimScream

        Good point, Adam. It really is very convenient having everything on my phone now. We are truly spoiled. I moved recently, and I went through my whole CD collection. Seeing what I was missing kind of pissed me off, so I started buying them again, and really having more appreciation for them.

      • Lordgrayskull777

        I buy CD’s and burn them to my computer. I have an i-pod as well.

    • the HAVEN conspiracy

      Like you BUNCH OF LOOSENS have the right to speak your opinion on the PRP.
      The girl has the right to speak on her now mind on twitter so take your head of your asses and lick your lips.

      Not really a fan of Kittie btw.

      • Sniki

        Wait, so she has the right to publicly state her opinions, but we don’t have the right to publicly respond to them?

      • revstevo

        wait, wait, wait…. what the fuck are loosens?




        so take your head of your asses and lick your lips.


        Lol Wtf?

    • Morgan

      I’m so glad that someone out there on the internet knows me well enough to speak on my behalf.

      Also, I’m shocked at how popular this thread is. Thanks, I guess.

      Sure, I’ve talked some shit in my day. I can admit that. That doesn’t change that I have also stayed outside for hours in freezing weather to talk to fans; signed thousands of autographs, stopped for pictures, in some cases even invited them into my home. In general, I’m a nice person, but I don’t bend over backwards for people that act ridiculous in a professional setting. I talk shit sometimes, granted behind closed doors (most of the time), and rightfully so. There are a lot of fucked up people out there, and we have experienced our fair share of them. 13+ years’ worth. Have you ever had to defend yourself (constantly) from unwanted sexual advances from fans? Have you ever had to defend yourself from being touched inappropriately, or degraded by a fan? Have you ever had someone who came to your show say something rude or hurtful to your face? Or even just gave you the vibe that something isn’t right with them and to stay away? Just because someone buys your album, does not give them the right to feel as though they own you, that you owe THEM something or that they deserve something more from you than just a smile and an autograph. There are plenty of people who deserve to be spoken about in a less than kind manor behind closed doors, especially in this industry. Trust me, if you’ve been through half the shit I have experienced, you might want to talk a bit of shit, and you might be bitter too. That doesn’t make me ungrateful for all of the things I have achieved. I have had an extraordinary life. But, as a man I’m sure you’ve never had to deal with this. And I’m sure if you really knew us you would have seen and experienced this first hand, and you’d probably understand why I may have been less than kind on occasion.

      And you’re right, success and label support is hard to come by these days, and I commend CM for the job they are doing with them, and with a lot of their bands. They are a great label. I’m also sure that those ladies are nice people, but in time they will become bitter, when people grope them, degrade them and call them names in all kinds of public forums, and to their faces, or when the novelty wears off. I’m SO sure that when a fan tries to get their number, ask for a 3 some, tries to take a picture of them in a bathroom stall in the venue bathroom, tells them how much they suck and how “so-and-so is better” or presses his erection against them when taking a picture, that they’ll return to the bus and talk about how nice these people were hahaha.

      The point I am trying to make is that sure, they are nice people, and that’s wonderful, but that’s not why they got on Mayhem Fest. That happened because their singers helped the band gain notoriety by taking their clothes off. They are doing nothing for female integrity in the metal industry. It’s perpetuating a view on women that needs to stop. That’s it.

      Ps: To answer your question, it feels great to play to 300 people a night, who I know are there to listen to my MUSIC, and watch me and my band mates PLAY INSTRUMENTS. And I didn’t even have to take my shirt off to make it happen.

      • BloodyBoneKummer

        That erection of mine that rubbed against you at Ozzfest 2000 was actually intended for Fallon and Talena.

      • Sniki

        I’m well aware of the fact that you won’t respond but I have to ask anyway.

        Are you seriously justifying your terrible attitude towards show/tourmates, staff and venues by saying “some people in the industry treat you badly”, and “some fans make advances on you and rub their erections on you”? So, should I beat random people up on the street, or even better, workmates or other people I’m supposed to work with, because my teacher told me off, or because some drunk chick I didn’t like at a bar was all over me? Or you can treat others badly because you “stayed outside for hours in freezing weather to talk to fans; signed thousands of autographs, stopped for pictures, in some cases even invited them into [your] home”, as if you have some kind of karma-levelling system?

        It’s those industry morons, or those perverted fans who you should be treating badly, not other people who in the worst case scenario are there to do their job and get out, and in the best are there to help you out. What gives you the right to make a bunch of guys or girls (who probably feel like a million bucks just because they’re playing an opening spot for an internationally selling artist alone, simply excited to think “whoa, we’re opening for Kittie! this is awesome!”) go thru hell because you have a generally bad attitude? Even more, how dare you blame said attitude on the actions of people who have nothing to do with those guys or girls? Would you like it if your doctor gave you a terrible medical attention because they had an argument with their boss or spouse? Even better, would you tolerate one of your own bandmates (Mercedes or one of the others) being harsh on you because of someone else? (spoiler alert: nope) I’m even tempted to say those in the industry might be behaving like that towards you because you acted the same way towards them in the first place.

        So yeah, stop being a jerk towards people who don’t deserve it, and start standing your ground in front of those “fans”, or those in the business who give you hell.

      • JimCroceLoverXEX

        “They are doing nothing for female integrity in the metal industry. It’s perpetuating a view on women that needs to stop. That’s it.”

        Didn’t your bands first album have songs called “Spit” and “Does IT Make Me A Whore?” ?

      • scorpions

        Dear Morgan,

      • scorpions

        Dear Morgan,
        I saw your band murder with Slipknot and Pantera. Don’t be jealous that you’re not the Butcher Babies. Your time has come and gone and so will theirs. I would think after having a long career in metal, like you have had, you would be a little more grateful and try and speak with some integrity. If you’re so bitter about things, hang up the Gibson and try something else out. If you are looking for a pity party babe, guess what… You’re in the wrong fuckin place…

      • Morgan

        I’m not sure when this became a personal attack on my conduct and character, but its waaaaay off topic. I’m pretty sure we were talking about a band who over-sexualizes themselves get attention. So yeah, I feel like I have to defend myself. I am justifying talking shit about people that deserve to be spoken poorly of, namely fans that have overstepped their boundaries in the past. I am not sure where you are getting your information about the poor treatment of staff or tourmates by myself or my sister, but I’m sure that if you actually spoke to anyone who has worked with us, especially recently, you would probably get a different story. There are a lot of rumours out there, and unless we toured together, or you worked for us or with us at some point, what your saying is probably just hearsay. And if we have worked together at some point and you want to talk about your specific incident with me, or you do have reason to believe these things actually happened to you, then find me on Facebook so we can talk about it privately. I would actually love to hear about it.

      • Justine

        Wow that escalated quickly ! I didn’t feel any jealousy in Morgan’s twitter post, I don’t understand where you guys saw that ? She didn’t even mentioned anything about their music. Everyone has the right to their opinions, but no one should get personal attacks after emitting it. That is just wrong. I thought I’d write here not only because a lot of the comments here offended me as Morgan’s friend, as a woman playing-touring in the metal scene and as a woman fighting myself for female integrity in the metal industry, but also to mention that I’ve toured as direct support to Kittie in the states for a 40 + gigs in a row, and never those ladies were disrespectful to me or any bands-crew on the tour, as well as local crew-venue staff in my knowledge. In fact, they treated us so well that what could have been a really hard tour went very smooth for everyone. I never ever smelled any rockstar ego or bad attitude, on the contrary they were a classy headliner towards their opening bands and fans. Rumors are rumors, and whatever the business, boobs will always sell i guess…. I’d be happy to gossip on how my experience as direct support for Otep was on another time :) GO MORGAN !

      • jrr

        You two have tread into dangerous territory. Realize there is nothing to be gained or achieved here and get out while you still can.

      • Sniki

        OK, Morgan, since you wanna go back to the strict topic… You comment about how the girls in Butcher Babies sexualize women because they play topless. So, I’d like to ask you two things…

        One: what do you think about their music? Both about the style they play, and how they play it. Do you think they sing/scream/growl/etc well? Do their bandmates play well? Is their “sexualization” overshadowing their musical prowess, or is it just covering their lack of quality? And what about nowadays that they don’t perform topless anymore, do they still sexualize women?

        Two: what’s your opinion on other women in the industry who (apparently) use their sexuality in their favor? Like, for example, Maria Brink (and not just for that latest promo pic). Same could go with women who exploit their good looks -not gonna go into guessing if it’s on purpose or because they’re told by someone else- like Cristina Scabbia. Or if you want, go back to the Runaways.

      • JimCroceLoverXEX

        1. To justify being a mean spirited bitch because of a few idiot people is nonsensical and immature.
        2. I doubt Kittie was put on Ozzfest when everyone in Kittie was 18 for musical abilities and more along the lines of 18 year old women dressed trashy in skirts and leather so that perpetuating negative views comment is hypocritical especially when you have whorish dressed barely legal teens playing songs called “Spit”, “Choke” and “Do You Think I’m a Whore?”. I doubt they would have been interested if Kittie was playing their latter more heavy music.

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        This woman types ONE line punking other weak ass band and you guys have a heart attack……. when you guys do the same shit ALL DAY EVERYDAY on this site. Pathetic. #youngandtherestless

      • Sniki

        Macaroons, we don’t always have the chance of actually discussing the topic with the subjects… And at least, I have to give it to Morgan, she’s being calmed about it. Can you imagine people like Otep, Draiman or Palmieri arguing a certain piece of news, or comments in it? It’s nice to see someone just try to talk about it, instead of insulting, “yelling” and/or being an ass about the whole thing.

      • Ganglor

        I have to advise taking jrr’s advice. It’s just not worth it.

      • SpinSwimScream

        I never really got into Kittie’s music, but I remember thinking it was awesome to see women, like them, wanting to be a part of the scene. I liked that they were real musicians, not just some dumb girls looking for attention. I even saw them at Ozzfest back in the day and they were much better than I expected. Once again, I was never a fan, but I always respected them. I can only imagine all of the white trash dudes they had to deal with at large shows like Ozzfest. If I had a vag, I’d work out like Ronnie Coleman so I could knock creepy dudes out.



        I was never really a fan of your music in fact I downloaded the only song I thought was worth downloading.

        After reading you comment tho I have to ask and I’m sure I will not get a reply…

        Why are you sure a man hater?

        I’m sure you and that ugly ass otep “thing” are great friends.

      • hysterie_collective

        I’m going to start this by being frank. I am not a fan of Kittie, for that matter, I am not a fan of Metal. At least not the kind of Metal that most of pinheads on this blog write about. Punk has always been my thing with healthy dose of NWOBHM and the early 80′s bands that taught most of the crap artists in the scene these days how to hold their guitars.

        Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way. Let me collective slap across the face to everyone on this thread….

        Think about it.. The Butcher Babies? Tape across the nipples? Morgan, you needn’t worry about bands can’t even come up with …

        1) An original name


        2) an original schtick…

        For those of you who don’t know, Butcher Baby was a song by the Plasmatics, fronted by one Wendy O Williams. Check it out their 1980 LP “New Hope For the Wretched”. They started out as a punk band and moved into Metal territory a bit later in the 80′s. WOW was know to put tape on her nipples and dress in provocative clothing. She was also known to blow up Cadillacs on stage and saw guitars in half.

        I love it when bands that can’t come up with anything original have to rip off those that came before them and soooo blatantly too . When WOW took off her shirt at Ohio gig in the early 80′s, she was arrested. When the Plasmatics tried to play the UK in the late 70′s, they were banned. Butcher Babies can do these things now knowing that they will get the attention they need without having the police or local authorities cancel their shows or throw them in the pen. At least they had the integrity to say that it was “homage” -cough.. rip off.. cough- to WOW. Hell, one of the guys in the band even looks like Richie Stotts.. can we say pathetic?

        Morgan, bands like these learn very quickly that when do crap like this, they have already nailed lids on their coffins. How many fanboys show up to their shows and yell “take your shirt off”? As you said, those are the fans you don’t need.

        As far as fans go. You’re right, you owe them nothing. I’m no trying to get brownie points with you, it’s that when a band becomes a slave to their fans, that band will never grow. No amount of hero worship should mean that a person should have carte blanche to grope, stalk, or generally act creepy around you or your band mates. Some people just seem to think that you’ve connected with them on some deep level when in reality all you did was write some material that made tap them their feet and nod their heads and say “I can relate to that!”.

        In summation, if anyone here feels that their favorite band should love them, tell them they are awesome and invite them in for coffee then you better pull your heads out of three points of contact. Start your own band and see how it is when you have some pimply faced little f**k slag you off in a fanzine or YouTube because you couldn’t play for them and 50 of their friends in Anchorage (as has happened to me). Were we supposed to jump through hoops and drive 5000 miles just please a few fans? I think you know all know the answer to that.

        In the end Morgan, you made it. Whether or your still playing on Top 40 radio or not is beside the point. Do you like what you do? Is it all worth it? If it is then you have no reason to take your shirt off or hang up your guitar… Salam….

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Boobies = making it.

    Integrity = not talking shit, even if you’re justified.

    I talk shit.

  • fuckyouiamheavymetal

    Why didn’t you post Kittie’s tour dates????

    Oh wait….


    I’d be pissed too if I had the face of a goblin and tits like sunny side up eggs.

    • schuler


    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Goblins can be sexy, but I’m not attracted to chicken embryos.

      • BlueBalls

        I’d prefer to bang an omelet over a goblin or any member of Kittie.

      • G Scotty

        On the contrary….that one chick that played guitar for a while was goddamn hot.

        Lisa Marx was the name.

      • BlueBalls

        In all honesty, I don’t exactly remember what they look like. I only recall seeing a couple of videos back in the day. I’m just here to defend eggs.

    • BlueBalls

      Sunny side up eggs are way more appetizing than her tits and I resent the comparison.

      • WURST


  • Justanotherpassenger

    Anyone that uses the phrase “real talk” automatically denigrates anything else they have to say.

  • Sniki

    I’m no fan of the Butcher Babies, but I’m guessing Morgan Lander is hurt because her band has been lacking what BB might be offering, ever since Atfield and Marx left the band years ago.


      You fail for knowing the names of anyone in Kittie.

      • Sniki

        I knew Talena Atfield’s, cause she was one of those temporary crushes I had back then… Lisa Marx I had to look up, cause I knew Kittie had a classically trained guitarist in their lineup at one point, but didn’t remember her name.

  • smokin_joe

    Sisters are doin’ it for themselves.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    I thought doing something “Insulting” was a good thing in the metal world…

    • the HAVEN conspiracy

      then fuck you buddy! \m/

  • Chinxcore

    Having personally played with Kittie 3x’s back in my band days, I have never stayed around to see their set. They are not friendly and talk mad shit.

    Morgan is just jealous, BB are hot and popular…Kittie has had various member’s, 1 hit song? and they are just plain gross.

    Sex sells.

  • JimCroceLoverXEX

    Butcher Babies are just Kittie 2K13. Their shelf life will expire soon enough and be on Kittie’s level. They played Mojoes in Joliet, Illinois and got about 200 people with locals opening. Their music sucked but they were cool to my buddies band and want to offer him a tour so I think they are cool people even if the music is crap and they are signed solely on a gimmick (like Kittie was) so this is just the Pot calling the Kettle black.

  • sixteenseconds

    First off, Megan is not bad looking. Second, Kittie sucked way more when they came out than they do now. Seriously, tell me this is bad, especially compared to alot of shit that’s come out the last half decade.


    • nymets71087

      0-for-2 with 2 K’s

    • WURST

      Who the fuck is Megan?


        First thing I thought of was the deaf chick from Weeds, who is infinitely more interesting that anyone else in this story. Why aren’t we talking about the slutty deaf chick from Weeds?

    • JimCroceLoverXEX

      This was as generic as the 5 local bands I’ll be sitting through tonight at Another Hole In The Wall in Steger, Illinois for Chimera.

      • adamonfire

        So you’ll be seeing 6 generic bands?

      • JimCroceLoverXEX

        Kudos to you sir. Chimaira put on the most half-assed performance I’ve ever seen. 55 minutes of Sean Z watch checking crap.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    I can’t wait until Otep posts on this thread.

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Lilith, Eve, Isis, Kali ,
      we have come for the boobies.

      • Sniki

        That doesn’t even rhyme.

        And on a sidenote, no tweets from Otep about it? I’m disappointed.

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        It’s syllabic with a soft rhyme.


    Gotta say, you know things are slow on thePRP when fucking KITTIE are the hot topic of discussion.

    What gives? Korn’s old drummer not tweeting anymore? Max Cavalera doesn’t have any primitive boneheadedness to share? Nothing on Emmure or any of those other bands that nobody really knows who they are?

    • SpinSwimScream

      I love you for saying this! I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. The most worthless topics always draw in the largest crowds.


        Well, to be fair the “worthless” topics have always drawn comments like flies to shit. My point was that there just isn’t much going on in thePRP newsfeed as of late. I mean, Korn’s EPK that nobody gives a shit about (seriously, maybe three people commented on it) is in the top stories section.

        Not blaming wook or anything. Things are just really dull right now.

    • damn

      Seriously. I long for the days of old where Gene Hoglan’s boot snatcher was on top of the news feed.

      • WURST

        By now that dude has broken in another pair of boots and had GPS chips implanted in the soles. Future crisis averted.

  • Lifeseclipse

    The Landers sisters are just bitter because Design the Skyline gets mistaken for women more often than they do.

    • Stenny

      Design the Skyline sadly broke up. For shame.

  • damn

    Woman have no place in heavy metal…unless it is in the back of the venue, holding my shit.

    Just kidding…………sort of.

  • JimCroceLoverXEX

    How long before Revolver Magazine announces The Extreme Music For Extreme Women Tour featuring In This Moment, Butcher Babies, Kittie and Huntress?

  • spookiemaybe

    For the record Morgan is extremely unfriendly… everyone in the music industry knows this. This is why know one stays in her band and why no other bands or Industry people will work with her. Now as far as Otep goes she makes makes Morgan look like a little angel (total nightmare to have out on the road) as matter of fact there are certain Clubs Otep can’t play at due to she treated the staff so bad. You can hate all you want on the “butcher Babies/In this moments” of this world but its undeniable that they are a pleasure to work with and both of their new records are doing well… Now hopefully we can all sit around and wait for Otep to have some silly fake poetic “Charles Bukowski style” rip off reply… PS i have 20 years in the music Industry as a TM,

    • Sniki

      I don’t expect the bands I like to be nice, as long as their music’s good. But I certainly like to know they’re at least respectful and professional. And as a musician, that’s especially true when it comes to dealing with show/tourmates.

      I’ve never headlined a show, but I can say how the headliners treat you certainly makes one hell of a difference on how you approach the show, and consequently, how you are when you play. And the next logical step is how our show affects the next bands’. If we’re opening for a band, I’m well aware that we’re there to do exactly that – OPEN FOR THEM. Set the stage for them, warm the audience up for them. And if said band treats everyone backstage, including us, as shit… Well, they shouldn’t be surprised if I don’t feel like helping them towards their main spot, may it be unintendedly because we feel like crap, or on purpose, because they deserved being slashed.

      So yeah, knowing that a band makes others go thru hell when they play a show makes me like them much less… TBH, I stopped paying much attention to Kittie when they started gravitating towards harder stuff, after Oracle, but their general attitude didn’t help their case too much. This isn’t the first/second time I’ve heard or read about them being asses to anyone who crosses their path. Nor it is the tenth/twentieth.

      • adamonfire

        I expect them to be nice, as long as you are nice to them. I’ll be seeing Cancer Bats tonight and when they were last around Liam was awesome, we talked alexis and Monster Truck and what they were doing over the summer and he was just a great guy and I expect more of the same tonight – which is good, because I’m taking a bunch of friends (and their counterparts) that normally don’t like this music to this show just to experience it.

        If you guilt me into seeing Riff Raff, you’re seeing the MFing Cancer Bats to experience what a true show should be like.

    • WURST

      Spookiemaybe is a Tiny Midget?

  • monkeywithagun

    Who the fuck are the butcher babies, and Kittie is actually still around?

  • Nix42

    Had no idea who Butcher Babies were. After a quick Google image search, very disappointed I didn’t go to Mayhem Fest.

    “Real Talk”

  • JimCroceLoverXEX

    I heard Morgan Lander stole Gene Hoglan’s boots to pawn them and try to make rent. (she failed) Guess those iTunes royalties for “Brackish” ain’t what they used to be.

  • rojasdivision

    If The Jerry Springer Show ever wanted to do a Heavy Metal drama episode, he can use this thread as reference.

    • WURST

      Nah, maybe Jose Luis though.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    I showed up a little late. What’d I miss?