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Trailer Released For Korn’s “Reconciliation” Documentary

A trailer for Korn‘s “Reconciliation” documentary which is included with the deluxe edition of the bands forthcoming new album, “The Paradigm Shift” can be seen below via Loudwire. The documentary focuses on the bands reunion with guitarist Brian “Head” Welch. “The Paradigm Shift” will be released on October 08th.


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      • Really? I don’t. I hate name dropping and acting important buuut according to my friend who does security for Johnathan davis they REALLY REALLY REALLY do not like or want anything to do with David.

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    • damn. I really wish they could pull something amazing out of their collective asses for The Paradigm Shift, like Machine Head did with The Blackening. But I know I’m kidding myself. I just want the ‘classic’ Korn back.

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