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Korn’s Jonathan Davis Says He Knew “Never Never” Was “Going To Piss Off A Lot Of People”, Speaks On Detox

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis spoke of the controversy centered around the softer sound featured on the bands current single “Never Never“. Of that he recently told Teamrock Radio:

“We put this out first cause I knew it was going to piss off a lot of people. And um, so I did it. That song ain’t for dudes, it’s for the ladies.”

He also opened up on his detox/rehab process off of Xanax during the writing process for the bands coming new album, stating:

“I stopped writing and listening to music and a lot of stuff that I love. It was cause I was really battling with this detox off of benzo’s, it’s a horrible drug—they call it Xanax at home I don’t know what it’s called here—I was fighting, having seizures. I was shaking all the time, I couldn’t think, my brain actually was wired a certain way from the medicine, so it had to rewire itself, so I had one foot in reality and one foot out…”

The interview also saw Davis go on to discuss about his current obsession with funk, including the works of Rick James and Average White Band and more. The full interview can be heard below. Korn have an October 08th release date slated for their new album “The Paradigm Shift“.



    Yeah, right. The reverse-psychology of “You weren’t supposed to like it” isn’t gonna work with this one. A turd is a turd.

  • Scott Jones

    After reading the quote about the single, I gotta wonder if he realizes how much he sounds like a petulant 15 year old when he says shit like that.

  • The Mad Magician

    Yes, because lead singles are always released with the intention of discouraging as many people as possible from buying the album.

  • dmoe

    One if the dumbest things an artist can do is cater their work to a specific group of people. It’s even more infantile when I see artists trying to “defend” their targeted shit when they know it’s garbage.

    • dmoe

      One of*

    • JohnnyB4439

      Cater to a specific group of people? What are you doing here then? Hypocrite.

  • Afghanistam

    Fucking bitch wasn’t seizuring comming off of xanax that’s bullshit. Shaking. Maybe. Seizuring. Hell no. Jonathan davis is softer than wonderbread.

    • kalima666

      you actually can have seizures coming off that from withdrawals if you do enough haha.

      which i wouldn’t doubt.

    • MarsupialRebellion

      Love when people say shit like this and have no clue what the fuck they’re talking about. If anything I’ve never heard of the shaking part but you definitely can have seizures coming off of xanax. I didn’t personally when I quit that particular drug but several people close to me did have severe seizures however.

    • Travis

      You’re a fucking retard buddy. Not only can you have seizures off of xanax withdrawals but it can also get so bad that it kills you if you were dependent enough on it. Someone like Jonathan Davis who probably had as much access to this drug as he would have been able to stand would have been majorly addicted to it and definitely would have faced real and dangerous withdrawal symptoms such as these. Do some research.

      • Afghanistam

        Did you fags even wash your mouths after sucking jon davis off together? Nigga plz I took xanax for over 2 years and had to stop taking it for a month last year. I didn’t have any siezure. No withdrawls. I don’t even take the shit anymore lol poor wittle jonathan davis what a drama whore

      • Travis

        I could give a fuck about Jonathan Davis, his addictions, his withdrawals, his seizures, or fucking anything about him. I didn’t post to defend him in the least. I posted because you made an idiotic comment that showed how little you knew about the subject you were claiming to know so much about. Every drug affects every individual in different ways so your claim that you had no seizures and no withdrawals from 2 years of xanax use is a very real possibility. I would never do what you did and claim that there was no possibility of having no seizures or withdrawals because you may very well be telling the truth. All I was trying to get across was that seizures are 100% a possible side effect of withdrawing off of xanax. It can and has happened for ALOT of people that have tried to detox off the drug.

    • whatisyourforte

      Metalheads taking Xanax?!? I’m starting to see a correlation here. Maybe you guys should listen to Enya more often.

    • MarsupialRebellion

      Wow dude 64 downvotes. That just shows rite there what a fuckass you are. No ones kissing jon davis’ ass you idiot, people are just saying becsuse YOU in particular didnt have a seizure doesnt mean it doesnt happen. Christ youre a fucking moron dude, your stupidity almost gave me a seizure.

  • pour meshuggah on me

    If you’re just now discovering the importance and influence of funk music like Average White Band, you probably shouldn’t be a musician. Not saying he did, but how old is he? Forty-something? No one ever slid him any Sly or Curtis Mayfield? Wait, nevermind. He’s in Korn. Of course he’s never heard of them.


      I’m pretty sure Jonathan’s dad was a touring musician for Sly & The Family Stone.

      I hate myself for even knowing that, but I was a pretty “hardcore” Korn “kid” in the 90s and the early ’00s.

      • dmoe

        It’s brave you admitted it. I hope when you tell your parents it’s as easy.


        Thanks man. And same to you. When you finally come face to face with your latent homosexuality, I can only hope your folks will be understanding and embrace your love of shirtless, musclebound dudes.


    Everytime KoRn puts out a new album john claims to be coming off an addiction or depressed.

    Since hes having such a hard time with the money he has made off the KoRn Brand maybe we should rob him?


      Sounds a lot like socialism to me. And here i thought you were the resident right-wingnut…

      • BlueBalls

        Right-wingers love stealing. They just aren’t interested in redistributing what they take.

      • Aggroculture

        downvote for writing “KoRn”

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    I think it’s pretty sexist to assume girls like terrible music Mr. Davis.

  • cma3585

    “Horrible drug”. Try telling that to the hundreds of thousands of those that suffer from depression/bipolar/schizophrenia/etc that need it to be functional parts of society. I sincerely hate when idiot musicians who had no real need for this shit in the first place overdo it completely and then try to brainwash their fans or whoever’s listening into thinking every prescription drug is just evil.

    • dmoe

      I was surprised it took this long in seeing a reply like this. At least they don’t believe Aids doesn’t exist I guess.


      Country Music Awards here has a somewhat valid point.

    • cma3585

      9 people like to pretend that mental illness doesn’t exist.

      • whatisyourforte

        9 people think you need to get laid.

      • cma3585

        Not sure what my statement has to do with having a sex life…but ok, sure.

    • ted

      How do pharmaceutical drugs help?
      None of them work kid, shut your face.
      The mind heals itself and cures all mental illnesses not drugs retard.

  • suspiciousbulge

    Xanax is terrible. I was on a low dosage of the shit for about a year. Doctor never warned me. Definitely twitching, shaking, freezing when i was trying to get off of it. I remember going out to my car on 95 degree day and turning up the heat just to try to get to calm down. There are other anxiety meds out there that are benzo’s that don’t give you these withdrawl symptoms. This new Korn track still sucks ass though.


      Why would you need to turn the heat up in your car in 95 degree weather? Just park in the sun, roll up the windows and you’ll burn alive in no time. Two birds, one stone.

      • Stenny

        Take way to many drugs, and file your report.

        It’s withdrawal, and it sucks ass. Many of you have never taken xanax, or know much about it – it seems. It’s the fastest acting, shortest acting benzo out there = addiction for some.

      • Stenny

        Fuck, shortest lasting.

      • Stenny

        Fuck, fastest acting, shortest lasting,



  • sixteenseconds

    Fucking xanax is horrible. Was placed on it for PSTD and suicide attempts/anxiety.
    Made it worse. Now I just smoke therapist prescribed kush here and there.

  • ZMA

    Isn’t it called Xanax everywhere lol?