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iwrestledabearonce Release “Boat Paddle” Music Video

iwrestledabearonce‘s new music video for their track “Boat Paddle” can now be viewed online below. The song appears on the bands album “Late For Nothing“, which saw a release today (August 06th) on Century Media Records.


  • loldotcom

    Bring back krysta D:

    • Mikabass

      What’s the matter you don’t like intune Vocals and in control Screaming

      • jrr

        Honestly, for this band, I much preferred the hecticness and slightly offness of Krysta’s vocals. It had a certain charm to it that I felt went really with the band’s style. I’ve only heard the first song they released with the new singer a while back, so I still need to check out the new album. But when I had listened to that track it felt like the band had lost a certain dynamic.

        That’s not to shit on new singer or anything, though. Glad to see most people are happy with her. Once I get a chance to listen to the new album, I’m sure it’ll grow on me.

    • allichs

      Courtney owns, bitch

    • whatisyourforte

      saying things like that doesn’t make you more of a fan. it makes you more of a douche.

    • badfish

      Fuck Krysta, that is all

      • MARIACHI EL willX

        I prefered Krysta. That nerd quirk she had made this band work for me. Now they just seem like the rest of the shit today.

  • Gran

    This video is ridiculous. People who haven’t heard IWABO, or don’t understand their sense of humor, are going to be very confused when they see this.

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    Can’t say anything about the vid but I’m pleasantly surprised by the fun I’ve had listening to the CD

  • karlgrz

    This band would be way better with Laura Nichol from Light This City.

    • karlgrz

      That being said…I think Krysta and Courtney are both pretty fucking good.

    • jrr

      I’d just be happy with more Light This City. She was probably my favorite female metal vocalist.

      And this just reminded me that I never checked out the new band her and the drummer started……which is apparently punk. Slightly sad face. I’ll still have to check it out once I’m somewhere I can play audio.

  • snake

    Avril lavigne is cool

  • rageofthemage


    Where’s a new Horse The Band album when you need it…?