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Ozzy Osbourne On Bill Ward: “I Don’t Think He Could Have Done The Gig… He’s Incredibly Overweight”

Ozzy Osbourne recently gave a rather blunt assessment as to why he thinks drummer Bill Ward isn’t participating in the ongoing Black Sabbath reunion. Speaking with, Osbourne is quoted as saying:

“I don’t think he could have done the gig, to be honest. He’s incredibly overweight. A drummer has to be in shape. He’s already had two heart attacks. I don’t want to be responsible for his life.”

Ward‘s absence from the reunion was well publicized with contractual disputes being his issue. Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk was brought in for the studio sessions of the groups latest release “13“; while Tommy Clufetos has been handling the drumming duties in a live capacity.


  • AaronMun83

    So Bill Ward is a fat ass, and Ozzy is an asshole!? This is breaking news! NOT!!

  • EyeOfEveryScorn

    Weight never stopped Gene Hoglan that’s for damn sure.

    • Dax

      The dude plays in boots and with ankle weights! He was ridiculous last summer on the Death To All tour. Actually, has anyone seen his boots lately?

    • dmoe

      Hoglan is also 20 years younger and has no record of health problems other than being overweight.

      • wyldweasil

        you guys do realize Gene has lost a ton of weight recently? Google it.

      • EyeOfEveryScorn

        Yeah I totally get that and it’s nearly impossible to compare the two but it still sounds like more of a cheap shot considering the contractual issues they had too. Nonetheless, I’m seeing Sabbath tomorrow in Detroit and it’s going to be a great time.

  • White_Djinn

    You know who else is overweight? Yogi Watts and Gene Hoglan.

    Good job Oz.

  • jg566

    This sounds like Shannon’s work to me, it’s not Ozzy’s band anymore. There are plenty of overweight drummers but idk about having two heart attacks. Sounds rough. Maybe it was the right choice.

    • BlueBalls

      It sounds like a bullshit line that Sharon fed him. Ward may be overweight and have serious health issues but so what? Ozzy is a soft bump to the head away from losing any brain function he has left and Iommi has cancer for fucks sake.

      Don’t get me wrong, I hope they all live another 30 years but lets be honest here. Each time these guys step foot outside of their homes, the odds are stacked against them. Poor excuse from the Osbourne camp IMO.

      • cma3585

        Ward has serious health issues “but so what?”?? You know, I would’ve LOVED to have Bill involved in this all. I’m going to see them tomorrow. That said, I’d rather Bill keep his life than push himself too hard (considering the shape he’s in) and end up dying on tour. Not worth it. His shape and health have been an issue for almost a decade and I can’t imagine he’s in any better shape than he was the last time they toured, in which he did struggle quite a bit.

      • BlueBalls

        No one knows if Bill was healthy enough to tour except for Bill and his doctor. Even if his doctor discouraged it, it’s his life. Some people would rather live their lives and go out doing what they love. Iommi has talked about how playing has helped him through his health issues. I think it’s a shame Bill was denied that same opportunity.

        Maybe I would buy Ozzy’s excuse but Iommi has been undergoing cancer treatment for a while now and will continue to do so for the rest of his life. Chemo absolutely decimates your organs and at his age, I don’t see how the risk is much different for him. They arrange their tour schedule around his treatments too, so Bill would have had lots of rest.

        Bill Ward isn’t with Sabbath because of a dispute over money.

      • EyeOfEveryScorn

        @cma, totally agree – he should of been apart of writing and recording at the very least. Nothing against Wilk, but when you aren’t involved in writing it just doesn’t have the same flair.

  • goop

    Overweight is one thing. Overweight, elderly and a heart condition are three things.

  • dmoe

    I love how most of the comments in here gloss over the fact the guy already had 2 heart attacks and is 65 years old. He just said he doesn’t want to be responsible for the guys death. He actually cares about the guy.

    The solidarity fat crew need to put their pitchforked-shaped hotdogs down.

    • EyeOfEveryScorn

      I see your point but it seems like a jab more than caring. Bill could have taken some of his cash, hired trainers and got into playing shape. I know it’s taxing but this isn’t the NFL.

      Not to mention, Ozzy’s frail and drugged out frame started running and taking care of himself and he’s still doing well and able to tour.

    • CanYouTransfuse

      “The solidarity fat crew need to put their pitchforked-shaped hotdogs down.”

      Fucking LOL. Amazing

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    There was an article a month ago where Ozzie said Bill’s drumming sucked now a’days. Well which is it?

    • adamonfire

      They are mutually exclusive?

  • adamonfire

    You guys are forgetting that Ozzy is the father of Jack and Kelly. He knows fat when he sees it.

  • snake

    I’ve got to double check this source, Ozzy can barely speak

  • MyDarkPassenger

    After doing a Google image search, the guy hardly looks Louie Anderson fat. Just old guy fat.

    During said image search, I also discovered that some guy named Bill Ward had a knack for drawing dirty cartoons in the 60s or something.

  • cma3585

    Saw them last night. First the first time, going back to Ozzfest 99 when I first saw them live, they played a 2 hour set. I never in my life imagined I’d get that opportunity at any point. They absolutely nailed it too. Ozzy’s not as in shape as he used to be either but he hung in there. After witnessing what I did last night, I’m not convinced Bill could’ve done this an entire tour.

    • adamonfire

      I sold my JT/Jay Z ticket to a friend and got a great deal on a seat nice and close to BS last night and I loved it – I’m thinking of going to the Chicago show (much easier to get friends to agree to go to as opposed to Toronto on a Wednesday). Tommy killed it, I’d also be interested in hearing him play some Zeppelin songs.

      • EyeOfEveryScorn

        Yeah I went to DTE last night as well. I’m really glad they still play as long as they do. Good mix of old, new, and rarely played stuff. Tommy was great, what an amazing opportunity for a guy just a couple years older than me.

        great times in the lawn and thankfully no rain this time!

      • adamonfire

        Tommy’s from Rochester, too. I just can’t go on the lawn unless I absolutely have to, lawn people are disgusting.

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