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Crazy Town Release Teaser For New EP

Crazy Town have a new EP titled “The Brimstone Sluggers” in the works. A single from the effort will arrive online soon with a preview of it available below:


  • BooThisMan

    Well this just turned into Monday Funday now didn’t it?

  • dnothing

    Bringing you the album absolutely no one ever asked for! And only 13 years after the height of their popularity.

  • jg566

    I guess it’s better he make “music” than smoke crack. Or maybe he’s doing both, what do I know.

  • Justanotherpassenger

    I will be the first to own up to loving The Gift of Game when I was 15-16. Darkside is still a jam. Never really did like Butterfly though…


      Yeah I must confess to my musical sins as well. I like to think I was a relatively intelligent teen with discriminating taste, but every now and again turds like this snuck their way into my collection. Incidentally, I bought Gift Of Game the same day I bought Machine Head’s The Burning Red.

      I still dig that jam they did with Rivers Cuomo on the second album. No homo.

  • IamChristian

    I thought Shifty died. I’m gonna thumbs down myself for knowing his name.

  • IamChristian

    Damn just found out I can’t thumbs down myself.

    • vigilantecat28

      took care of that for you.

      • IamChristian

        I can’t wait to see Cattle Decap in 2 days. I just wish I could find out what time they go on. Anyone been to Summer Slaughter yet?

      • jrr

        Link to a pic of the set times from one of the stops:

        When I saw them on another date, that list was only off by about 10-15 minutes. If the venue has a Facebook, you might wanna check that, since some of them are cool enough to actually post set times these days.

  • sixteenseconds

    until the vocals kicked in I was thinking ‘hell, I dance to this down at City Club [our goth club]. Kinda sounded like weaker Aethestetic Perfection at first.

  • Lenny_Venom

    This should go just as unnoticed as the Orgy return.

  • kturl69

    So Butterfly just now stopped paying for his crack addiction? Thought that well ran dry years ago.

    • adamonfire

      They get a check for $25 every time Comedy Central runs Orange County.

      • BlueBalls

        You can get a decent amount of pseudo for that.

  • elemenohpe

    Apparently Shifty had a solo hit in Europe. THAT paid for the last decade of crack.

    …and yeah, I had to wiki him to learn that.

  • evilR3D

    Teaser? Shouldn’t this be considered a threat?

  • Lifeseclipse

    This shit is one slower beat and some “wub-wubs” away from being just more dubstep.

  • sixteenseconds

    What a starry-eyed surpise!

  • James Deceit

    “So fuck the critics we leave em’ hanging like INXS”

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