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The Butcher Babies Explain Why They No Longer Perform In Nipple Tape

Artisan News recently asked the Butcher Babies why they stopped performing clad from the waist up in nipple tape. You can watch their response below. The more conventional performances the band deliver these days are a part of their scaled down stage production as the group also used to perform with large amounts of fake blood as well.

The group are currently on the ‘Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival‘ in support of their newly-released album “Goliath“.


  • universalawakening

    what a shame…

  • picobo

    are we supposed to pay attention to the music now?

    • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

      this should’ve gotten community service (no offense cma)

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

    “Because it was our gimmick to get people to like us despite our terrible, mundane music.”

  • Obi-Juan Valdez

    It brought too much attetnion to their C-Section scars.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    I came to Mayhem expecting them too suck due to their music being extremely cheesy, but I was pleasantly surprised, these girls know how to rock! they had some of the biggest pits the entire day and were very entertaining. Good for them, they don’t need stupid gimmicks.

    • Obi-Juan Valdez


    • Bleedsfromthesky

      Seriously? They are one of the worst bands I have ever seen.

    • nymets71087

      I don’t think you would find them as entertaining if you had your eyes shut during their set.

  • tenwestchaser

    But I liked the boobies… = /

  • EyeOfEveryScorn

    Sorry but these women are stupid and it’s just a career move into something else. These women are just trying a little bit of everything, modeling, bla, whatever.

    I mean I can respect those that do this well like Rob Zombie who does all sorts of shit. I really don’t like his music but the guy is mutli talented.

    These girls only got started because of looks and posing in Lowrider magazines, exc. The music part is just a JOKE step in their career which will always be looks first.

    I’m going to this show tomorrow and like any band before 5 pm, I’ll be bonging beers listening to my ipod in the parking lot. Not this shit. Nipple tape or not!


    • EyeOfEveryScorn

      Well I just went to this show in Detroit (Clarkston) and we were pre-gaming in the lot and could actually hear the bands pretty well. I can see how some people think that BB weren’t as bad as they thought musically, but these girls flat out suck. They might do everything else right but they cannot sing and their screams are brutal too. Angela Gossow is hanging her head in shame I bet. I mean, go check out the youtube video of them covering “Fucking Hostile” and tell me they good.


      • adamonfire

        I caught about 3 songs. Nothing terrible, nothing great. The blonde has a pretty good scream, I found her to be impressive. Not sure why they were staged ahead of Battlecross, though.

      • OliSykesIsMyReligion

        Battlecross was fucking awesome. Butcher Babies was awful. Emmure was boring and the band didn’t seem to click with each other. JFAC was great. Machine Head only got five songs but broke out Imperieum, Davidian, Aesthetics of Hate, Locust and Halo. Greatly enjoyed this years side stages. Attika 7 wasn’t too bad either. Not great but not awful. Decent filler.

      • whatisyourforte

        Battlecross is fucking fantastic.

      • adamonfire

        I hadn’t listened to JFAC for awhile, last time I saw them was on Mayhem in 2009 and I was pleasantly surprised – and the lead singer kinda looks like a mini Tim Lambesis (even though he’s a pretty big dude himself). Didn’t make it in time for Attika 7, enjoyed Born of Osiris, also thought Emmure was boring, and thought MIW played a decent set for the setting/crowd. Side stages turned out better than I expected, especially with MH and COB rounding them out.

      • EyeOfEveryScorn

        I sadly missed Battlecross – too early for us parking lot drunks. JFAC sounded good from the lot and we had just made it in when MH started. Different setlist than expected with Bulldozer, Ten Ton Hammer, on them but no complaints from me.

        COB and Amon Amarth were my bread and butter on this tour and neither disappointed.

        I felt like the only dude into Amon Amarth in my area of the lawn. Too many sleepy kids waiting for FFDP I guess?

        At the end of the day Rob Zombie really surprised me. I really just don’t listen to his stuff anymore but he kind of got my attention again. Pleasantly surprised and I’ll definitely check out some of the newer albums I missed out on.

      • adamonfire

        Sunday was a reminder as to why I always buy pavilion if I can. We didn’t even realize it started raining again until they put it up on the screens. I hadn’t listened to much AA and CoB before the show to be honest, and I really liked them both. Zombie always puts on a good show, we left prior to Thunder Kiss ’65 as we were all tired and wanted to beat traffic for work Monday morning (of course we just ended-up going to Coney Island) and I saw him twice last year. Without a doubt, Zombie and Alice Cooper have the best stage shows I’ve ever seen.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Doth thou boobies saggeth as thou doth age?

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Black Saggeth…

    • BlueBalls

      Plastic boobies doth not saggeth.

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        Plastic? I didn’t know metal paid enough for surgical enhancement.

      • BlueBalls

        They probably purchased them years ago with their stripper wages.

  • cma3585

    Their performance on Mayhem was on par with that of Wicked Wisdom at Ozzfest. Just absolutely brutal, and not the good kind.

    • Stenny


    • EyeOfEveryScorn

      haha awful

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

    I spent Motionless In White and the Butcher Babies set’s in-line for Amon Amarth signing. Best decision all day. Although the various vendors had some awesome merch for sale.

    • schuler

      Yes, you definitely made the right decision. Butcher Babies =/= not in league with Odin.

    • adamonfire

      Despite their horrible get-up, MIW are fairly decent.

      • MarsupialRebellion

        MIW is the worst thing I’ve ever seen live. And their wanna be Manson songs make me completely forget about the few decent songs off Creatures.

        As for the main topic here, I have nothing to say except… boobies.

      • adamonfire

        Machine Head just posted this:

        “All the bands are really good out here, and I’ve caught every single band on the tour so far, and there is something good I could say about every one of them, but if there was a “hot band”, the “hot band of the tour award” goes to Motionless In White. Good band, kinda Bleeding Through meets Marilyn Manson, fast with heavy breakdowns, but with singy bits, rock parts and melodic keyboards that add a New Wave feel to it. Gothy image, lots of make-up, but so over-the-top it’s cool.”

        Just another case of the mass amount of people here judging a band based upon their look, who they tour with, and the fact that the majority of their fanbase are shitty kids. These guys aren’t BVB.

  • helmetinthebush

    I was at this show in T.O. – best bands on the smaller stages were Thrown Into Exile (never heard them before but totally dug their set that day) and Machinehead.

    BB are a total joke and very gimmicky. They just popped their eyes and tossed their tongues to the crowd with some cleavage showing, and unfortunately many of guys in the crowd ate it up. I could only imagine what it would have been like if it was just nipple tape up there…

    Just like GLFLover, I spent a good chunk of time during their set waiting in line for Mastodon to sign my poster. I’m not sure Mastodon even fit in with this festival, but enjoyed the crap outta their music nonetheless. Rob Zombie’s set was fantastic though and featured more set/costume changes then a Katy Perry show. It was like a Halloween party with groovy music. And I liked it.

    • adamonfire

      More like Mastaboredom, thought they were a pretty poor choice to follow-up AA.

      • EyeOfEveryScorn

        I get why some people don’t care for Mastadon but they fit any spot on that show. They are too much to handle for casual FFDP/ZOMBIE fans. I wish I had a dollar for every kid I saw sleeping during all sets until FFDP. FFDP are good guys, nothing against them but they are just so generic I don’t get it…

      • adamonfire

        Second time I saw them, haven’t been impressed either time. No Curl of the Burl? GTFO. I think they should’ve had Mastadon headline the MI stage, have COB/MH rotate opening the main stage and bump AA up a slot.

  • OliSykesIsMyReligion

    Butcher Babies would have been a band I liked when I was 14 and horny. Then I saw the people waiting in line to meet them and it was like I traveled back in time.

  • CrazyChris576

    There were about 500 people in line to meet them in Saratoga Springs. People are definitely drinking the Kool-Aid with this band.

    I found them to be decent on stage. Nothing memorable, to be honest. I will say, though, that I waited in line to meet them because my girlfriend wanted a signed album, and they were definitely nice people. They made time for every person in line, took photos with anyone that wanted them, and had no egos about anything. They even made extra time for some special needs kids that were on the line. Can’t say that for a lot of other bands.

  • Slipping On Noise

    Yeah, while these two twits were playing I was trying to down PBR as fast as I humanly could. After that I had to deal with listening to Emmure while I fought back the urge to vomit. Not so much from Emmure as much as it was from excessive PBR, both equally skunky though.
    I had no idea who these chicks were until I was standing in line with my buddy so he could get Zombies autograph (only to find out it was John5) when some chick with a decent rack was standing at the front of another line with her shirt off sporting nipple tape. It was cool.
    But yeah, this band is fucking lame. That’s how I spent my birthday. Success.

    • WURST

      Hey, were you drinking PBR?

      • Slipping On Noise

        Why, yes Wurst. As a matter of fact I was.
        Whatever would make you ask such a question?

      • EyeOfEveryScorn

        I fucking hate 9 dollar beers. Just checked my credit card statement.. FML.

  • Zombee187

    These girls are the Vanilla Ice of metal right now. I looked into their earlier careers and they have jumped from one trend to another. If they could DJ, they would be playing EDM right now. They are awful live, and it is evident that their CD was so tweaked in the studio they mine as well have Milli Vanilli’ed it. They are not metal, they are just “doing metal” because they can. The nipple tape was about all they had going for them. If I was Maria from ITM (who proves you can be sexy and truly metal) I would want to knock these morons out!

    • Mikabass

      Nail meet Hammer. Couldn’t have said it better my self.

    • WURST

      *might as well

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