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Bring Me The Horizon’s Oliver Sykes: “It’s Time To Stop Ignoring The Plain Truth & Abolish Organised Religion”

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oliver Sykes isn’t a subscriber to organized religion and has managed to upset more than a few of his Christian fans with the below rant he recently made via Instagram. Citing Exodus 21:20-21 (New American Standard Bible), Sykes commented with the following:

“It’s time to stop ignoring the plain truth & abolish organised religion. We all know what’s right & what’s wrong- we feel it in our heads & in our hearts. We don’t need a racist homophobic slave condoning hyped up Santa Claus to tell us how to be. The Bible approves trafficking humans, ethnic cleansing, slavery, selling brides, and for indiscriminate massacres on the reg.

Believing in god doesn’t make you a good person: true religion is in the life we lead & the actions we take, not in the creed we profess. #jesusslaves”


  • adamonfire

    I dig these guys, caught them again at the Chicago stop of WT – now I dig ‘em more.

    • nymets71087

      I’m waiting for the headline, “PRP User adamonfire Finds Band He Doesn’t Like And Hasn’t Seen Live.”

      • adamonfire

        Currently on my haven’t seen yet but want to see the most list:

        - Black Sabbath (Toronto)
        - Dinosaur Jr. (Riot Fest)
        - Dream Theater
        - NIN (upcoming tour)
        - Pearl Jam
        - Protest the Hero
        - Rage Against the Machine
        - Skindred
        - Testament (LoG/KSE tour)
        - The Sleeping (if they ever come back)
        - Throwdown

        And I will fly anywhere in the world for a Led Zeppelin show.

  • Chris Berseth

    1) OT law & NT promises present two very different mentalities
    2) “good person” is a completely subjective term (good in whose eye’s?)
    3) Everyone’s actions are a result of their beliefs/creed (religious or non-religious)


    • Chris Berseth

      btw, before anyone calls me out on it, yes, I did use an apostrophe where one wasn’t necessary…

      but go ahead and call me an educated religious nut anyway…

      • adamonfire

        I don’t think anybody plans on referring to any individual as “an educated religious nut” any time soon.

      • Chris Berseth

        haha, oops. touche

    • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

      Religion is a facade, even without it people will find other excuses for being prejudice.

  • Plethora

    As true as the statement is, it is astoundingly arrogant to assume a rant on instagram will have an impact in any way.

    • adamonfire

      So what you’re saying is, you’re old.

      • Plethora

        I’m 28, so your call. I have instagram too, but I’m not naive enough to think that my pics have any impact at all, never mind change the world.

      • dmoe

        No he’s right. lol

      • adamonfire

        Wait, so my photo of Hoobastank isn’t going to solve the unrest in Egypt? Getdafuckouttahere.

    • revstevo

      gauging by the fact that we’re having this conversation, i would say that he actually succeeded in making some form of impact. and i also don’t know how many followers you have, but he has 299,221 of them.

      personally i don’t care for him or his band, but just sayin’.

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

    ” true religion is in the life we lead & the actions we take, not in the creed we profess. Which is why I was arrested for pissing on a fan and throwing a vodka bottle at her when she refused to have sex with me.”

    • star_AD

      If I could I would send you over a drink or shot right now.

    • zomic


    • AMeN

      I have a few stories about Oli, I used to live near Sheffield.

      • jampola

        I’ll bite. Enlighten me, sir!

  • m00k

    |The midwest is to blame.

    • scorpions

      I completely agree…

  • BlueBalls

    Organized religion has led to some terrible events but I won’t deny that there’s some good that’s come from it as well. I don’t feel compelled to join anyone’s club but I don’t see a need to call for the abolition of religion either. People have a right to assemble and worship in whatever ways they please. Religion only seems to become a problem when it’s sponsored by the state. I would take no issue with religion if the religious would cease their attempts to insert their ideologies into public education and government.

    • dmoe

      I find the infantile notion that if this planet’s populace did abolish religion in some magical way that it would be a better place. Sure it will.

      I will wait until the war on jealousy is over instead.

      • Dudebrodie

        I will wait until the war on jealousy is over instead.

        haha +1

  • carlosfranco

    I just started getting into this band so I was interested in seeing them on Sunday at the Warped Tour. Like them so much more now. Now I’m really intrigued to see them.

  • AMeN

    This band has sold out so badly to listen to this fuck hurts my eyes, their first EP was absolutely savage, then what.

  • SevenIsMyName

    It’s always so impressive how different the Atheist version of Christianity is. True Christianity is everything but an organized religion. It’s a faith. Unfortunately idiots like the Westboro Baptist Church, or the fire and brimstone corner shouters have made it very hard for those of personal faith.

    • CrazyChris576

      A-fucking-men to this. The zealous nutcases that give a bad name to organized religion just piss me off so much. Whether it’s the WBC, Islamic jihadists, or any of the other psychopaths out there that use religion to cause harm to others, I want them all to just disappear into the void.

      As for the ignorant fuckhead that fronts a terrible band trying to decide worldwide religious policy, I really don’t have any response to him. He’s been spouting off his meaningless drivel for such a long time. I’ve stopped paying attention. As I tell people all the time, don’t feed the trolls.

      • Atheist Justice

        Some people would disagree. Oliver Sykes would be a tough contender he could change a lot of things. The amount of fans that just listen to his music are way more than the people that will side with you on this post. I for one am Atheist as long as a religious bearing prick doesn’t rip on me for being so I usually do not mess with them. I’m old school punk type. Leather jacket, boots etc. I do love this band as well as Oliver and If Religion was abolished it would make everything better. (In my opinion of course.) People use it as an excuse not to use common sense. YOur comment as my prime example.

  • Aggroculture

    This guy is a tool, but on this point he’s correct.

    There is way too much tolerance for religious discourse in our world: I don’t care whatever fake creatures you believe in, but as soon as you make laws based on them, telling me what I can and cannot do, then fuck you.

    I believe in the Shit Fairy so why can’t I make it mandatory for me to come and shit on your Sunday lunch like my faith tells me to?

    • BlueMoonRising

      Correct me if I am wrong, but from my knowledge most moral codes/laws in the history of mankind were actually conceived that exact way.

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    Religious talk is so fatiguing, why don’t you just listen to the new dope as fuck Chick Corea! Almost as enthralling as “The Ultimate Adventure.”

    • AMeN


      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        can i get an ‘amen?’ (;

  • schuler

    I don’t agree with religion either. So thankful the singer of band-of-the-minute agrees so we can go ahead and just get this abolition over with.


      You’re an idiot

  • ZMA


  • ClemsonC17

    What a big surprise….a rock artist against religion…he is such a pioneer and this is in no way cliche

  • sixteenseconds


  • dlp3l6

    My “head and my heart” are in agreement that if I ever see Sykes at Publix, I’m going to give him my autograph then punch him square in the face.

  • hardcorenate

    Religion is forced upon us at such early ages, and for the most part, many of us learn to think for our selves and reject what was taught to us at a young age. The majority of time, we have a continuing generation of brainwashed sheep. These followers continue this cycle and believe in their god that is only there for them, not the many evolving types and branches of religion. Its a never ending cycle of nonsense that the weak will continue to accept. Religion has many benefits, but also holds the most deep rooted evils of the entire human race. When you want to worship a God that protects his people and blesses you with his presence throughout your life, look around you and decide why he blessed you and not the many starving and non blessed people that cry out to him every night not even knowing the God that you know. Maybe you are special because you had the chance to get to know God. Like this guy from a band, religion is a nonsense way to control large groups of people, and it still works. Stupid people, when people actually use the brain that OUR GOD gave us, we will stop being controlled by a monetary system that enslaves us, our entire life.

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