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Carcass To Release Limited Edition First Aid Kit With “Surgical Steel” Box Set

Carcass will be issuing a limited edition box set version of their new studio album “Surgical Steel“. It will come with the album and a steel first aid kit adorned with the bands logo and album title. In it are a variety of first aid supplies.

You can find U.S. (import) pre-orders for that here. A look at the set can also be found below. Nuclear Blast have a September 17th release date slated for “Surgical Steel“.

Carcass - Surgical Steel Box Set


  • EyeOfEveryScorn

    God damn I’m fired up for this release.

  • SpinSwimScream

    I can’t wait for this album!

  • tenwestchaser

    I want! Gimme now!

  • Dax

    Any of y’all remember when Heartwork came out that for promotion record stores had Carcass blood bags with IV tubing? I preordered the hell out of this. It’s good to know if I get a gash at home that Bill Steer’s guttural vocals will help me stitch and bandage myself whilst headbanging.

  • damn

    This is a prime example of why stealing music off the internet is doing yourself a disservice.

  • star_AD

    Done! Preordered it! Cool, creative and very “Carcass” idea. Damn it, can’t wait. Oh Ghost(bc), you can keep you dildos, butt plugs and what not.

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