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Black Veil Brides Called Out For Using Fake Amps On ‘Vans Warped Tour’ (Updated)

Whether it be production concerns or just mere posing, Black Veil Brides have been called out for playing with fake amps at the ‘Vans Warped Tour‘—a practice that they are sadly not alone in.

The following revealing photo of the outfit performing at this years edition of the annual summer festival was shared by The Bronx/Mariachi El Bronx drummer Jorma Vik. He offered the below caption with it:

“A friend of mine took this photo at warped tour. This is what the kids are calling “rock n roll” these days. I’m lighting fire to every drum I have and becoming an investment banker”

While not initially pointing out the identity of the band, he later confirmed it, saying:

“Black Veil Brides from “Hollywood” aka Ohio”

Update – June 23rd 9:55pm:

Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack has since commented on the photo, tweeting:

“Hey guys, we use staging in our stage show. Also these are tattoos, I wasn’t born with the batman logo on my arm. #uselessnews”

As was suggested in the original report, the band are hardly the only outfit to employ such measures, with the practice being quite commonplace.

Black Veil Brides' Amps At 2013 Vans Warped Tour


  • Gran


  • TheBDanAbstract

    Not that I’m defending the band, but this is pretty stupid. Lots of bigger bands use empty cabinets to decorate the stage. In all actuality, no one even really uses multiple cabs for actual sound; most use one cab that is mic’ed into the PA. Things like this are for production value. Did you really think Angus and Malcolm Young used the seemingly 300 Marshall cabs AC/DC always seem to perform with?

    • deftoolsys07

      That’s what I was thinking… It doesn’t mean that they’re not actually playing guitar so who cares, really. I would prefer to see some fake amps that look like they’re cranking out sound instead of an empty stage and a few Macbooks or something…

    • Tom

      big difference between one of the biggest rock bands of all time doing this in arenas and some shitheels like this doing this on warped tour, which is the really ridiculous bit of this all.

      • TheBDanAbstract

        No, there’s actually not. In fact, the only difference is your irrelevant subjectivity to who it concerns. The ridiculous bit in this all is that you literally just ignored the reasoning behind why this photo exists and then made it about your musical taste.

      • Lifeseclipse

        Tom is on to something here. These guys are shitheels. They are exactly what Justin Beiber, and Taylor Swift is to the metal community. A pile of fuckshits whose fanbase is an endlessly rotating group of Hot Topic high school girls that need an image to latch on to. Edgy as Fuck. If they never ripped off that early 80′s Mötley Crüe look, they would have never made it. Great musicians are a dime a dozen, check youtube. They made it on a gimmick and nothing more. Does that make them smart? No. It means they have stupid fans. Fans that require no substance, just image.

      • Ketaset

        BDan, u fuckin nailed it brother. Schooled em. Nice Avatar Tom, extenuates ur brilliant statement so well. The Combo perfectly conveys that “Bereft of imagination” vibe ur going for. Great contribution brother, shit was deep.

    • rageofthemage

      Am I the only one that’s disappointed that there isn’t like candy, and chips, and waters and shit back behind those? Along with a double chamber bong and like a half ounce of kush….? I mean there’s all that unused space man!

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        Chocolate be melting, yo!

    • zaodriver

      Lamb Of God use the empty stage cabinets. They even joke about how only 3 out of the 12 cabinets per guitarist are real.

    • BlueBalls

      150+ thumbs up? What the fuck? I actually agree with the comment for the most part but there’s no way in hell that many theprp regulars give a shit about this.

      Can I get three digits of thumbs down? The empty cabs doesn’t stop me from respecting this band, their music does. Andy Biersack is Whitney Cummings’ doppelganger. All of their fans have VD.

      C’mon BVT Army, lets see what you got!

      PS, the T wasn’t a misprint. It stands for tranny.

      • Lifeseclipse

        Abstract Dan rides in on his white horse for all the edgy 14 year olds upset over these comments. You won’t get 10000 thumbs down Blue balls. Dan got thumbs up because he formed complete sentences. Something a typical BVB fan looks up to.

      • BlueBalls

        Aw, just two thumbs down? Weak. My sentences were complete but I did make a grammatical error. That should count for something.

        I guess BVT fans have short attention spans and VD.

      • TheBDanAbstract

        To defend myself, I am in no way, shape, or form, connected to Black Veil Brides fans. I can’t even name one of their songs. I’m simply pointing out that we don’t need to stretch this wide to try to fabricate a story so we can discredit this band; all we have to do is watch one of their music videos.

  • dlux

    This isn’t really that unusual. With powered soundsystems the way they are now all thats really needed is a mic’d half stack. The wall of amps hasn’t been necessary since woodstock and is done for effect. The “vulgar display of power” column in guitar world showed bands’ backlines and I specifically remember slayer using dummy cabs. Hundreds of other do it too.

  • wyldweasil

    I like how he used some shitty instagram filter for credibility, as if giving us a normal picture wasn’t enough, hipster cred +44

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Using an instagram filter is just as fake as using fake cabs.
      But the Bronx is the shit, love those guys.

  • Mastotronic

    Lamb of God and Slayer along with just about every other major metal band out there use fake cabs to fill out the stage. was the show good? then shut the front door!

    • Lifeseclipse

      You can’t be a full fledged member of the BVB army until you shower with your toaster! Now go!!! Make us proud!

  • Ganglor

    I understand the use of the dummy cabs but why the fuck do they need to use those expensive ass dollies to roll them out? Just throw those bitches on stage and leave the dollies for the bands that actually have to haul real heavy equipment on stage.

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Looks like particle board where the grill should be, those fuckers must be heavy. What a waste of time and space.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Pantera had a wall of hollow cabs back in the day. if you’re going to use fake cabs as a set dressing, you need at least 12 on each side.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    There are sludge metal bands playing some of the heaviest thickest riffs you’ve ever heard with just a 1×12 cab and a 60 watt tube amp.

    I play guitar with a cheap 30 watt tube amp that powers a 2×12 guitar cab, and I split the signal to a solid state 1×15 120watt bass amp/cab with all the lows maxed out. This gives my palm mutes a hell of a punch.

    My rig looks like shit, but it’s surprisingly effective and more than loud enough to play with a drummer.

    • zaodriver

      I play through a Mesa Engineering Triple Rectifier (150w) into a 2×12 cab. That setup can play any small venue with tons of volume left to spare. I am pretty sure that a single 4×12 cab would easily fill a 2,000 person club. Additional cabs would only be needed for directional purposes as opposed to sheer volume output. Amps and speakers these days are much better for output than the amps/speakers of the Woodstock era.

      When I was stationed in Ft. Huachuca, AZ, I setup the amp outside my barracks and played loudly for a while. My friends heard me 4 miles down the road at the Commissary (grocery store). Granted, there was no traffic on the roads and barely any vegetation to absorb the sound. I sure that bands are loud enough. There is no need for 12 loaded 4×12 cabinets.

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        Cool. \m/

        4 miles is about right even with vegetation , I can hear bands from the fairgrounds and that’s 4.5 miles in a straight line and there are lots of trees, but it’s pretty flat around here and I’m usually downwind.

  • r3b3lwithoutapause

    This guy is a chode for pointing this out and obviously hasn’t played with any real bands because everyone does it (so long as they can afford empty cabinets).

    Twenty years ago when I found out that Zakk Wylde’s wall of sound was fake I was more amazed than anything because of the sound he could generate with just a couple real amps.

    And I don’t care for Black Veil Brides either, but I would have to defend them here.

  • Cyanidenailbomb

    Slayer’s known to do it, and they shit on the face of bands like this. As long as the band isn’t “playing” over a recorded track, I’m fine with some stage theatrics.

  • SevenIsMyName

    They’re called “Dummy Cabs”. Even Pantera used them.

  • southpawchew

    seems like jorma was just looking for a reason to hate this group. he shouldnt of looked further then their music for that.

  • dmoe

    I had to Youtube who these BVB guys are. Good god, people actually listen to this dog shit? I really need to stop being surprised but I’m not.

    • Lifeseclipse

      If you leave any negative comment on a video, they will come after you. They must have a message board or something where they organize, because they came hard out of nowhere. Back Andy Ballsack fell off the stage and he elbowed fans before getting onstage only to throw down his mic and quit, I left a comment about it. Every single person who came after me was a female, and still in high school. I got hate mail for 14 months.

      Best part, I would say they look stupid. And say that they must know how feminine they look. And the kids would say, “they are not gay!!!” Wat? Who said anything about gay? They must know something I don’t.

      TLDR; BVB fans are so trollable.

      • dmoe

        You mean like that dude up top with 64 thumbs up? Yeah, I figured.

      • Lifeseclipse

        On top of this news story or the youtube video?

      • dmoe

        @ Lifeseclipse

        TheBDanAbstract’s comment. ha

      • Lifeseclipse

        Exactly. There ain’t no 161 people here to like that shit. That’s the asshole work of a message board full of high school cutter chicks. As far as I’m concerned, they are cutting the wrong area, and not deep enough.

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

    What’s with the Wiggers ‘R’ Us banner ad?

  • FarBeyondDriven

    I thought I was at the wrong site. What’s with the giant photo of ass? I like ass, I just sorta prefer to choose when I want to see it on my laptop.

    • G Scotty

      Yeah, coolguy2424….cant tell you how many times I’m just browsing theprp and my girlfriend just assumes I’m looking at lorn because of your avatar haha

      • G Scotty

        Porn* kindle fire auto-correct

  • Sam Eagle

    Here’s a newsflash: The musical production of CATS didn’t use real cats either.

  • coolguy2424

    I have no problem with this. These d-bags probably bang so many hot topic/ cutter /emo sluts they are cool with me. Let the phony amps rock their pretty pink panties off.

  • goop

    Once upon at time speaker cabinets actually worked.

  • VitalistDemise

    Not one person has noticed that the guitar jack isn’t even plugged into the wireless or a non-staged amp. ARE YOU BLIND PEOPLE.

    • zaodriver

      The stupid photo filter is a mess, but the wireless module is in the right back pocket of the guitarist with the cord attached. It is barely visible due to the photo filter, but it is there.

  • HoodooOperator

    Why are BVB being called out for a practice that most bands use but no one is calling them out for jacking Motley Crue’s wardrobe circa Shout At The Devil?

    • Lifeseclipse

      I did.

      • HoodooOperator

        Thank You!

  • Ketaset

    Whatever ur side may be on such a trivial topic…. Is Bronx drummer any better then what he’s bitching about. Like that was the ur mark on the world for this day. Of all the things u could say that u know many will hear, thats what u chose. Even if I sided w/ him, I think he’s more of douche for such an unproductive & negative statement. Shit there aint even a common courtesy love factor amongst musician, even if u think there shits wack. Some small karma level & realizing theres still a common core element shared w/ any1 who is a performer. Ehh but then again this reply ain’t much better, other then holding some sense of logic & good intention. the fucking internet hahaha

  • greasyfurburger

    that’s probably where they put their make up on

  • Raith

    Who the fuck cares?

    • picobo

      apparently you do… cause we were all done with these news more than a month ago!

  • bvbftw

    ahem does anybody notice the real amp right towards the right of the “fake amps” ahem dummy cabs you idiots are all retarded always have to find a way to make bvb like some terrible band like putting them out as losers and bad people

  • jampola

    Whilst it’s kinda amusing when people start commenting on an old article thinking its new, Wook, you should really sort out the SQL query that pulls the “Top Headlines” data.

  • angelrose

    Does no one realise that the “useless information” is actually very relevant? He’s saying that those fake apmps are all part of the show, so that they don’t have an empty stage with nothing interesting on it. He compares it to his tattoos, saying that they are there just for the aesthetics of it all. They are also there because he wanted them, because those things are important to him and mean something to him, not because someone else told him to get a tattoo.