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Whitechapel’s Alex Wade: “I Love Making Music But Hate Being In Such A Disposable Industry”

Whitechapel guitarist Alex Wade recently echoed some sentiments expressed by others in the music industry as of late regarding how fans perceive buying music these days. Speaking through his Twitter, Wade stated:

“It’s insane to me how little of a value most people put on music. They’ll buy a fast food meal for $10 that’s full of shit made by someone who doesn’t give a damn about them and it’s gone in 10 minutes, but won’t spend $10 on a CD that is someone’s artwork takes months to make, and lasts as long as the CD isn’t broken. Just boggles my mind. I love making music but hate being in such a disposable industry.”

He later added:

“I mean trust me if I could make music for you guys for free I would but I need to feed myself and buy toilet paper to wipe my ass.”


  • kturl69

    The dude has a point. I went to KFC earlier today and my meal was close to 10 bucks. However, I’d rather buy a meal from KFC over a Whitechapel album anyday. KFC is fucking delicious.


      KFC is horrible and makes my stomach churn, but I’d much prefer the diarrhea it gives me over the audio-diarrhea offered by White Chapel.

    • universalawakening

      KFC is terrible. The chicken is such shit quality but I guess just like other fast food places (esp. McDonalds) it just tastes delicious. I know how bad their animal handling practices are though so that keeps me away from eating there.

    • dmoe

      I just ate some Popeye’s fried chicken. The breasts were juicy, the buns soft and warm.


    Disposable music from a disposable dipshit in a disposable band.

    …and cue the disposable comeback from CanYouTranssexual

    • CanYouTransfuse

      One of the biggest US metal acts is disposable huh?

      Then……….what does that say about your life and accomplishments?


      • Vautour

        You’re both cunts. No human being is disposable.

      • CanYouTransfuse

        False, plenty are, your vagina is just too sloppy to differentiate.

      • Vautour

        Thanks for trying to prove me wrong. Where your posting failed, your mere existence would almost have succeeded.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Fresh vegetables are fucking expensive.

  • DeadHearts

    When people can download their food for free then they will do it. Until then you have to eat. You don’t HAVE to pay for music. Getting sick of all these douche bags pissing and moaning about not making enough money. Guess what? Most people don’t make a lot of money. The days of blank checks to hair metal bands are over ya fuckin nut sack. Go be a plumber.

    • Vautour

      You don’t HAVE to pay for food either. Just steal it and see what happens. Not everybody is as forgiving as metal bands seem to be.


        It’s a lot easier to get away with stealing music, hence why folks do it. Is it really that hard to see the difference?

      • Vautour

        Morally, it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever how easy it is to get away with it. And his point isn’t even that he’s butthurt about people “stealing” their music. He merely states that it is weird that people would pay for the “luxury” of eating at KFC, but not for the luxury of listening to their music. At the same time, he isn’t talking about people who do not like Whitechapel’s music, but rather about those who do. He isn’t even aiming at people who simply can’t afford to pay for music. He is aiming at people who clearly lead a rather luxurious lifestyle – yes, spending 10 bucks for ONE MEAL of shitty quality chicken meat at a KFC IS a luxury – but still fail to see the worth of music, and why it would make sense to put your money into something that actually lasts. It doesn’t even matter if this comes from a guy in Whitechapel or ANY other band, because the perspective is always the same: You like something, listen to it constantly, yet you aren’t willing to pay for it. All while you are more than willing to pay a company that shits on your health, their employees and the quality of the food it offers. It simply doesn’t make any sense and isn’t rational to behave that way.

  • idempotent

    Plenty of bands are made up of dudes just doing it as a hobby, and if they’re lucky they play a few shows on some weekends. With a very moderate amount of money, they can make their music just as available over the internet as any other big name band, and they still have other full time jobs.

    Expecting what should be a hobby to be a full time source of income is going to lead to disappointment.

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Wisely said. Most comic book artists aren’t signed to a publisher; they go to conventions on their own dollar hoping to sell their wares. The fact that Alex Wade is bitching about the industry when Whitechapel is in a position that thousands of bands would love to be in shows you how little integrity Whitechapel has. Spread the word, Whitechapel is not legit.

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX


  • sixteenseconds

    Fuck Whitechapel but Vautour nailed it; shut down the thread now. Well stated and reworded bro.

  • lunaticcheezo

    Yeah, Vautour nailed it. The guy is right and whoever says otherwise is just being a spoiled, entitled douche, which unfortunately is the case for most music fans these days.