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Threat Signal Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For Upcoming Touring

Threat Signal have turned to Indiegogo in a bid to get back on the road this summer. The outfit hope to crowdfund $15,000 for their upcoming touring, which includes a tour with Chimaira and more and a European trek with The Agonist. Below you can find the bands pitch which features some demos of their new material playing in the background.


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    • These dudes seem like pretty down to earth, cool guys. I purchased Under Reprisal from Best Buy when it first came out. I wasn’t disappointed by any means but I haven’t listened to anything after that. Good luck on the road fellas, I’m sure you’ll meet that goal of 15k.

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    • No, just no. This thing where you’re supposed to pay for a band to tour is pure idiocy. Fans pay for concert tickets, that is enough. Plus they’re signed to the biggest label in metal – maybe go and ask them for support?

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