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Whitechapel’s Phil Bozeman Comments On Haters In The Metal Community

Whitechapel frontman Phil Bozeman has given the below commentary on haters in the metal community. In particular he touches upon the outcry the band faced from a portion of fans for recently touring with Asking Alexandria.


  • loldotcom

    I am also a JT fan, and I actually don’t hide it. So, bro fist to this guy.

    I am not a fan that I spent $200 on two tickets to his show to go with my wife though >_>

    • TheMediaProphet

      Yea, I was pretty pissed about that. My wife and I are both Timberlake fans and I completely planned on going to see him live. Unfortunately, the bots ran by the scalpers had other plans. Pre-sale and regular sale both sold out in seconds with no real person I know actually getting tickets. Everyone I talked to said they kept getting logged off the site. But 15 minutes later, hundreds of Tickets on StubHub at 3x the cost. I talked to a guy who works for Eventbrite and he said that the scalper bots overload the servers. I can’t really put the blame on Ticketmaster, I’d like to put some of the blame on StubHub. They should have a rule that tickets cannot be sold within a week of them going on sale and they can’t be 3 the cost. But I’m not one to tell a company what to do.

      • adamonfire

        Then they would put them on eBay or a different website, wouldn’t make any sense for StubHub. He’s playing at Ford Field here, and I got lower bowl thanks to my credit card presale but that shit wasn’t cheap… and I’m giving my little sister a ticket for free.

  • My Farts Linger

    While he came across as a bit pompous while simultaneously bitching about other people’s various forms of pompousness, he did make some good points. I’ll admit, I enjoy talking shit about bands that I genuinely dislike, or that I genuinely feel are shitty or talentless; however, there are many people (and many on this site) that talk shit about bands just because it’s cool to do so (Emmure, Disturbed, etc.). On the other hand, there aren’t many people on this site that seem to be genuinely offended when someone dislikes a band that they do. Most of us just say “fuck it” and move right along…I think the best point he made was regarding people listening solely to underground music, and disliking a band just because they have become popular. Now, if it’s a band that has completely sold out and changed their sound just to appeal to the masses and make money, I completely understand…but, there are plenty of bands that have grown in popularity and maintained their roots (Meshuggah, ETID, Sevendust, Deftones, TBDM, etc.).

    With that said, I prefer Justin Timberlake to Whitechapel.

  • Furtheron

    It’s true what they say, no one hates their own scene more than us metalheads (self-loathing anti-metalites?). So by default, we’re pompous. But I agree with Phil – if you don’t like a band, move on. Sure it’s fun to trash them sometimes but to dislike a band for touring with someone that sounds different? Fuck, I’m just happy that a band I like showed up in my town, who cares who’s opening or headlining?

    If Asking Alexandria ever pisses on me or says anything bad about the deftones, then we’ll have ourselves a war. Like my Pa used to say, ‘you don’t start a fight but you sure as hell finish one’.

  • TheMediaProphet

    I like what he had to say. I try to only hate on the bands that come out asking for it. Emmure sucks, but I never bothered mentioning it until their douche singer posted his rant on Twitter. I feel it necessary to call a douche a douche. Like Radke. And as much as I dislike Disturbed’s music, I never went around ranting about it until Draiman became King Troll.

    And I also like Justin Timberlake. If you don’t like him on some level – musically, his movies, or his hilarious SNL skits, you’ve got issues.

    • G Scotty

      dude has talent, what can i say? while i don’t own his albums, i do love his work on SNL, and he’s been great in a few movies. and his most recent SNL where he did some of his new music made me think i might be able to start enjoying his music now, definitely a mature sound that caters to more than just the kids.

    • zaodriver

      His work with The Lonely Island is amazing. Really, who doesn’t like the Dick In A Box skit?

  • BlueBalls

    I don’t know. I get pissed when bands I like support bands that I can’t stand. I get that some bands want to increase their fanbase or whatever but from a fans perspective, it sucks ass having to pay full price just to see the one band you’re interested in play for 30-45 minutes. I had to buy Hatebreed and The Devil Wears Prada tickets just to see ETID put on two tiny sets in the past two years. Sevendust recently played my town opening for Pop Evil. Fuck that. If I want to bitch, I’ll bitch.

    And if increasing your fanbase is the goal, then why make a video telling people to suck your dick? The people who were pissed about the Asking Alexandria tour are his fans and he may have lost a couple in the process of posting this. Kind of counter-productive if you ask me.

    I don’t really give a shit either band though. Asking Alexandria and Whitechapel can tour together. They can tie each other’s dicks in a knot and make out. I don’t care.

    • adamonfire

      That TWDP show also had support from Oh, Sleeper and letlive., so besides the headliner it was an amazing tour. Worth the 5-hour roundtrip drive and price of admission for me, easily.

      • BlueBalls

        I had yet to discover either opener at the time (regrettably) and didn’t give a shit about that tour except for ETID. I showed up, threw down for ETID and left a couple songs into TDWP because they were bland as fuck and Founders was calling my name. Luckily Hatebreed were solid enough, so I didn’t feel completely ripped off the last time.

        I mainly become disheartened when I’m in the position of paying for a supporting act when the headliner doesn’t excite me. It happens. Bands I like will tour with and support bands I don’t. Knowing that hasn’t stopped me from venting though. I’m sure the Whitechapel fans were just blowing off some steam anonymously and Bozeman should probably expect them to IMO. I don’t believe that type of shit warrants a video response, but whatever.


      My thoughts exactly. Both bands are garbage. If anyone is butthurt about the two bands touring together, they should probably re-assess their lives and the music they fill it with.

    • Bleedsfromthesky

      How in the Hell were Sevendust opening for Pop Evil? That makes no sense. Pop Evil can’t even sell out a 600 person venue where I’m at.

      • BlueBalls

        It was Pop Evil’s CD release party and for Sevendust, it was just an off date from Rock on the Range. Pop Evil have a lot of fans in my neck of the woods simply because they’re hometown boys. I am happy to hear that they can’t sell out a tiny venue where you are though hahahaha.

        I bitched about the announcement quite a bit and then felt a little better. No one cared or was affected by my shit talking. Pop Evil played to a packed crowd of people who actually enjoy their generic bullshit. Sevendust made a few bucks on a night they may have just been chilling on the bus otherwise. No one made a video about it and the world kept spinning.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    If you want integrity and a lasting legacy, never fucking tour with Asking Alexandria. How is that not obvious?

    Whitechapel who? Get used to hearing that.

    • DeadRizz27

      If a lasting memory and integrity were primary, than Cannibal Corpse would not be touring because they have by far left their mark. But unfortunately, a legacy among the metal scene does not pay current bills for those involved.

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        I respect Cannibal Corpse, but they are classic death metal, you can’t compare them to Whitechapel.

        2 for flinching.

  • damn

    I think your band sucks and that is my opinion.

    • G Scotty

      i believe he blatantly said he is completely cool with that, so i’m not sure what you’re attempting to prove here?

      • damn

        Nothing to prove, just stating my opinion in a public forum. I believe that is my right. If you object I believe you can go fuck yourself.

      • G Scotty

        fair enough…that’s the second “fair enough” comment by me in as many minutes

  • DeadRizz27

    He’s right, if its not your cup of tea, then flip the table over and say me no like this shit. But unfortunately, everyone wishes to have their voice heard so they say something like, “No me gusta” haha. Nonetheless, Whitechapel will continue to sell shirts and other merch to your younger siblings, while you’re complaining about them on the PRP.

  • CanYouTransfuse

    Pretty sure this video was made specifically for people like Wurst.

    Amen brother……love this dude and his band. Such good human beings who make honest metal. Can’t wait to play with them again!

    • Cyanidenailbomb

      Do you have a bro crush on Wurst now? I don’t even see him in this posting…

      • idempotent

        I don’t get what you’re saying, what does a person posting in this thread have to do with whether or not this video applies to that person?

        At any rate, almost everything mentioned in the video applies directly to Wurst (among many others). It’s extremely obvious…

      • CanYouTransfuse

        It’s not worth it man, they are just useless. They know it applies to Wurst in every way, shape, and form, but in reality it probably applies a little to them.

        It’s weird……you guy’s throw out your opinions left and right, yet you are completely invalidated/not even involved in this music industry whatsoever. The minute an actual musician voices his VALID opinion, you get a thread of complete internet hacks exhibiting the most extreme form of butthurt known to man claiming they actually are aware of what it takes to make a living off music and how a “hobby shouldn’t become a job”<<—-I am sure you would say the same to Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese right?

        The bottom line is, you sissies cannot take 1/4 of what you dish out and you make statements which have zero experience or real research involved except from hear say or message boards…….it's pretty clear the way you all reacted to some kid in a "shitty metal band" stating an opinion on Black Ops about people keeping their mouth's shut. You downvote anyone you are disagree with, even if they are right, creating a Lambgoat-eque circlejerk for all involved.

        And then there is me……here to remind you all of this.

    • G Scotty

      stop waggin’ you’re little dick around CYT, no one cares

      • G Scotty



      • CanYouTransfuse

        Is that why you are slobbing all over it right now?

    • BlueBalls

      If you’re ever fortunate enough to gain a fan who is not named Mom, I hope you make some pointless video to alienate them for being your fan.

    • nymets71087

      Wurst, you gonna take that shit from your PRP nemesis???

      • CanYouTransfuse

        Wurst knows to steer clear of me……..I think I took him down enough notches by re-posting the poster for “The Rockstar” about 20 different times in response to anything he said to further solidify how much of a failed musician he was. 20 years drumming and nothing to show for it with all that shit talking? I would sit down and shut up too.

        He is in hiding. Like he should be.

  • dmoe

    People still using a term like “haters” is astounding to me. Like hearing a grown man say “poo-poo” and “pee-pee”.

    • G Scotty

      Agreed…juvenile term for high schoolers

      Hell making a video bitching about it is completely hypocritical to the comments he makes about being a grown up and liking what you like.

  • Cyanidenailbomb

    I’ve gone to plenty of shows for one band, and had to deal with some pure garbage before they played…but it is what it is. If those garbage bands pull in new fans for the bands I want to see and keep them touring than so be it.

    • Vautour

      Still better than seeing Garbage live, I guess.

      • G Scotty

        That bitch is kinda hot, tho…

      • scorpions

        Maybe 19 years ago… Yeeeeeessshh…

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        Scorpions, you’re fucking blind.

      • scorpions

        Sorry bruh, my standards are a little better than your average meathead rocker that hasn’t seen a hotter chick than the one that works at your local shell… You probably wanna lick Patti smiths slit too… I’ll leave y’all to it : )

    • TheMediaProphet

      I paid for a Kittie ticket to see Mudvayne open. Felt kind of sacrilegious. Bass player was hot though, so I didn’t totally mind. That Ryan Martini….

  • imavampireimavampireimavampire

    I paid almost $40 for my ticket to the All-Stars Tour and aside from ETID and Terror (Stray From the Path ain’t bad, just not my thing), that lineup is primarily loaded with *incredibly* shitty bands. It makes me fucking livid that I’m indirectly supporting bands like iwrestledabearonce and Capture the Crown, but I’m not going to hold it against anybody because I’m an adult and made the conscious decision to buy a ticket.

  • sixteenseconds

    Between his boring voice and that boring pos video game just fucking shut up.

    • dmoe

      This is probably the best reply I could have asked for.

      • CanYouTransfuse

        You don’t like the game or the band, yet you watched the video and commented on a thread about it.

        Priorities, priorities!

    • Solomon Grundy

      To be honest, you only made yourself look like a toddler. Did you even watch the video? Did you? Because it was about childish trolls and their moronic reasons for hating a band. People like you. His voice and the game had nothing to do with the videos message. How the duck would those two things make you hate the whole video. Phil had a point. Don’t go online just to be an asshole.