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Alice In Chains Take Part In Jimmy Kimmel’s “Sausage Party”

Alice In Chains make two brief appearances in the new ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘ song/skit, “Sausage Party“. You can check that out below:


  • star_AD

    I’ve always considered Jimmy Kimmel such an unfunny twat. The only thing good about his show is his musical acts, sometimes.


      He gave Jay Leno his comeuppance on national television during the whole Leno/Conan debacle while a guest on Leno’s own show, so for that he has my respect. But as a host/personality, he has all the appeal of toe-nail clippings on pizza.

      • star_AD

        I’m all about Coco ha.

      • BlueBalls

        Kimmel was great on the Man Show but I have to agree with star_AD, he’s less than entertaining on his late night show.

        Still, anyone is funnier than Fallon.

    • adamonfire

      Kimmel is awesome, and if you think he is unfunny you must have never watched The Man Show.


        I watched plenty of The Man Show. It was the comedic equivalent of butt-rock.

      • Afghanistam

        ziggyzoggy ziggyzoggy oi oi oi! kimmel does baby bachelor on his show and its the funniest bit ever