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(hed)p.e. To Support Bam Margera’s Fuckface Unstoppable On Late Summer Tour

(hed)p.e. will be out on the road later this summer with Bam Margera‘s Fuckface Unstoppable. Howitzer and Kissing Candice will also appear on select legs of the trek with dates available below:

With Howitzer:

08/23 Reading, PA – Reverb
08/24 Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s
08/25 Madison, WI – Regent Street Retreat
08/26 Chicago,Ridge, IL – Bobbie Mcgee’s
08/28 Waterloo, IA – Spicolis
08/29 Sioux City, IA – The Chesterfield
08/30 Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
08/31 Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue
09/03 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
09/04 Seattle, WA – Studio 7
09/06 Sacramento, CA – Ace Of Spades
09/07 West Hollywood, CA – Whisky A Go Go
09/08 Las Vegas, NV – Hard Rock Cafe
09/12 Flagstaff, AZ – Orpheum Theatre
09/13 Tempe, AZ – Rocky Point Cantina
09/14 Tucson, AZ – The Rock

With Kissing Candice:

09/18 Destin, FL – Club LA
09/19 Jacksonville, FL – Free Bird Live
09/20 Wilmington, NC – Ziggy’s By The Sea
09/21 Winston-Salem, NC – Ziggy’s

Those paying attention over the past few months may notice that the tour has some potential for backstage fireworks, as (hed)p.e. frontman Jared “Jahred” Gomes is embracing his newfound sobriety and Margera‘s Fuckface Unstoppable run has allegedly been a drug and alcohol fueled binge.


  • southpawchew

    This sounds like a good behind the tour DVD. I bet live shit of bams group could be interesting.

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX
    • MyDarkPassenger

      You go to a lot of trouble to comment on this site. Unprecedented around here.

  • kturl69

    And he’s planning on staying sober while touring with Bam Margera? Thats like not snorting lines while hanging out with Tim Allen.

  • schuler

    Kiss that fuckin’ sobriety goodbye,

  • CanYouTransfuse


    There will either be two headlines that come from this:

    “(hed)PE Drop Off FuckFace Unstoppable Tour Due To Conflicts”

    “Lead Singer Of (hed)PE Shows Signs Of Relapse In New FuckFace Unstoppable Music Video”

  • MyDarkPassenger

    Clearly Jahred is not getting the right kind of treatment. Any decent recovery expert can tell you its hopeless to be around these kind of people without a VERY strong sobriety base.

    Then again, relapse is an essential part of recovery.

  • TheNewPlague
  • 8 bit ninja

    They’re playing Bobby McGee’s in Chicago Ridge ? Lol. Used to live right over there and drop in once in awhile…bar holds like 100 people max. Lo,l again.

    • 8 bit ninja

      *Lol, again* …should probably throw one more in there for good measure…Lol.

    • Afghanistam

      What’s your point? They’re playing at studio 7 here in seattle which is a little shanty in the boonies where devin townsend, gojira, ensifirum, hypocrisy, and fear factory visit a lot and the venue holds no more than 100. So what’s your point? Btw they’re also playing ace of spades in sacto where I just saw meshuggah and that place is huge. Not defending fuck face or hed pe b/c I don’t give two quirrel shits about eigther. Just having trouble understanding why your “laughing out loud” for no reason.

      • Afghanistam

        damn I wonder who gave me a thumbs down 8 bit. Stop crying, nerd. The only thumbs up you give are inside your boyfriends asshole.

      • Afghanistam


      • jrr

        You had made a good point, but then you threw a hissy fit about downvotes and made yourself just look sad. I’d avoid that second part in the future.

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

    The show at Bobby McGee’s has been moved to Mojoes in Joliet due to ticket demand. Bobby McGee’s holds about 200 and Mojoes holds 1,100