(hed)p.e. Frontman Jared Gomes: “I Don’t Think Its Healthy To Live One’s Life Stoned”


(hed)p.e. frontman Jared “Jahred” Gomes continues to reflect on his newfound sobriety after his self-described decades of substance abuse. His latest posting on the matter can be found below:

“Because I’ve been abusing drugs and alcohol my ENTIRE adult life…I have discovered I don’t have any coping skills. I have been comfortably numb my entire adult life! I haven’t been feeling/experiencing life as it really is. As a classic under achiever, I look forward to taking life head on, and feeling all the pain and the pleasure in a real-natural way…for all its worth.

Marijuana is a useful tool, but I look at it as a shaman does any of the power plants shaman use. It is to be experienced, to show one that there are other vibrations and other realities, and then you take what you learn back with you to the “real” world.

I don’t think its healthy to live one’s life STONED. Obviously, this thought will aggravate many who use on a daily basis. To each his own…I only share my perspective for my own life. I have spent the MAJORITY of my long life STONED, and I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything, in fact, I feel like I’ve been missing out on experiencing life AS IT REALLY IS!

I see people like to quote Bob Marley, and use his words as justification for getting stoned everyday. First, the herb Bob smoked was not the herb we smoke today. The THC content was MUCH lower. Second, and I preface this statement with the fact that Bob Marley is LEGEND, and his words and music have liberated me…he has been a beacon of light in my life…nevertheless…he was a man, and as a man, capable of being misinterpreted. As an example, he claimed Haile Selassie (Lij Tafari Makonn), Emperor of Ethiopia, was Lord of Lords, when Selassie himself tried to explain to the Rastas that HE WAS NOT LORD…but just a man…true enough…a descendant of King Solomon…BUT STILL JUST A MAN!

Quoting Marley as a reason to stay STONED 24/7 doesn’t hold water for me. Blessings to all my brethren and sistren!!!!!”