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Vektor Frontman Arrested After Throwing A Beer At A Christian Protestor At The ‘Scion Rock Fest’

Vektor vocalist/guitarist David DiSanto apparently found himself under arrest after throwing a beer on a “Christian protestor” at the ‘Scion Rock Fest‘ yesterday in Memphis, TN. You can find photo of DiSanto being led away by police after the incident below via Earache RecordsTumblr:

Vektor Frontman Arrested


  • kturl69

    No clue who Vektor are but that’s pretty fucking metal!

  • m00k

    He sure showed them that people who don’t like organized religion are intelligent, peaceful people…. oh wait. By the way it’s not 1987, guy. I’m sure the fine people at Supercuts can help you out.

    • Ketaset

      Damn, who thumb this down?
      Intelligence & witty humor frightens the average PRP User. In there primal instincts they simply don’t know what else todo.

      • m00k

        It was probably the haircut part. And I get a lot of thumbs down. Can’t offend the Disturbed fans on this site lol.

    • BlueBalls

      It really just depends on the situation and the demeanor of the Christian protestor. I live in one of the most conservative regions of the US and I’ve come across some complete fuckhead Christians outside of shows. Some have no problem blasting your ears off by yelling insults and threats of damnation into a megaphone as you walk past. This type of “activist” usually deserves some type of beverage thrown in his/her direction.

      There just aren’t enough details here to judge one way or the other but considering this was an altercation between a dude with a mullet and a religious fundamentalist, there probably wasn’t much intelligence or civility coming from either side.

      • m00k

        Yeah the nutjobs are everywhere but I have a feeling they’re in full effect in the bible belt. Just seemed like a dumb thing to do no matter what was being shouted and if he was unlucky enough to do that at a WBC member he’d have a suit against him right now.

      • m00k

        That is if he doesn’t already.


    Well I got myself a new band to check out.
    I hope he split the nosy bastards head open with that bottle.

  • adamonfire

    I’d buy this man two beers. This is +/- 2 as I write it without having listened to any of his music, so that could change the quantity.


      The music I heard on YouTube wasn’t bad it was the vocals that I couldn’t get into .

  • coolguy2424

    These fuckers sound like a modern day version of Death. They are on Spotify and they rule.

    • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

      More like a modern day version of Voivod, ether way they kick ass!

    • m00k

      Voivod and Death? I don’t hear it. This is actually pretty generic and derpy.

  • adamonfire

    Looks like there’s some upset Christian(s) checking into the thread…

    • m00k

      Are you referring to me? Because you’re wrong in assuming lol.

  • imavampireimavampireimavampire

    Charges were dropped. Long live sci-fi thrash.