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Throwdown Share More Studio Footage From New Album Sessions

A new batch of studio footage of Throwdown working on their upcoming album can be seen below. The band aim to release the album later this year.


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        • cma3585     May 24, 2013 at 7:50 pm

          They managed to rip off Pantera more effectively than any other band on this planet. I welcomed it and they absolutely nailed it. An effective Pantera clone >>>>>> chugga chugga metallica hardcore. We have enough bands doing that like Terror.

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        • Relentless_Beating     May 25, 2013 at 11:48 am

          LOL What? their rip off was a fucking embarrassment. The songs weren’t even good. Not even slightly, and I have been a long time Throwdown fan, like from the “You Dont Have To Be Blood” days, so I’m pretty loyal to this band, but nothing since Vendetta has been worth listening to.

          Try listening to A Perfect Murder.

          And if you think Terror and Throwdown play the same style, you need to drop the pipe, or maybe you just don’t get that style of hardcore.

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    • surroundedbydemons     May 26, 2013 at 10:57 am

      I’m also a supporter of Throwdown and for anyone to compare them to being a Pantera rip off isn’t realizing there are 100′s of bands that have some sort of comparison to them. This is because Pantera was an archetype of sorts for that certain sound. You rarely hear someone making comparison from Lamb Of God when you can clearly hear the influence or even The Acacia Strain and those are two well known bands….or at least throughout the metal community. Does Throwdown have more of an influence derived from the Pantera sound? Perhaps but instead of sounding like a rip off, it’s should be looked at as more of a tribute than anything else not to mention Throwdown has a good amount of Punk within their music. The point is that there is going to be an influence or elements of Pantera in just about any band that has that groove/power riff with that certain growl behind it but doesn’t mean they are a Pantera rip off of any kind, they are just using the ideas from other bands they have been influenced by. Just look at the history of music in general from rock to metal and you’ll see that the majority of any those bands has taken an influence of theirs and combine those ideas to make music which is what it’s all about in the end. It’s easy to criticize something when no one knows what it’s like to go out there and do the tours, the recordings, the bookings, etc. Not everything has to be technical like Dillinger and BTBAM or straight up brutality like The Faceless and Whitechapel or even has to sound like what your preferences are. They make music for themselves and if they choose to make a sound they’re comfortable with then that’s what they are going to do, no matter who says what, whether they get criticized or not, it’s still getting people talking and taking the time to listen to them which only helps drive them to be the band they are. Just like anything though if people don’t like anything they do then fine, just listen to something else.

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