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Deftones’ Chino Moreno Says It’s “More Appropriate” Now To Think Of Releasing Their Shelved Album “Eros”

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has told Artisan News (see below) that their shelved 2008 album “Eros” is closer to seeing the light of day than it has been in recent years. The band put the album on hold a number of months after the recording sessions began for it when their then bassist Chi Cheng was seriously injured in a car accident.

With Cheng having passed away this past April after years in a semi-comatose state, it would seem the band are more receptive to sharing his final studio output with the public. When asked if the album will ever come out at the recent ‘Golden Gods Awards‘, Moreno said:

“It will, I think more so now probably than ever. I actually went back and listened to some of it recently and… you know, I don’t know, when or, you know… but I feel it’s a little more appropriate now for us to think about that as to, you know, in the last few years to think about.”



  • Lifeseclipse

    Finally, good news for a change.

  • adamonfire

    I wish more bands would release their shelved studio recordings – they’re not all going to be great songs, but I’m sure there are a ton of gems that will never see the light of day.

    • Mikabass

      Cough “entertain me” Cough

  • CoLDgLaSStoNe

    This is curious, it´s the 1st time I see him say something about Chi after he passed away, but it had to be related with Eros, kinda pity =(

    • Lifeseclipse

      I think he chooses to grieve out of the public eye. I’m sure it has everything to do with making sure Chi and his family remain the focus, instead of garnering pity for themselves by making a spectacle. If they reach out in that way, I’m betting it’ll be onstage, or… Thankfully, the release of this, the last thing Chi did. And with fingers crosses, what he will end up being best known for.

      • CoLDgLaSStoNe

        Well yeah, don´t get me wrong, everyone have their own way to handle this kind of situations and he prefers to keep it quiet, probably I was not the only fan expecting Chino to say a lil something about Chi like Steph did (as far as I know been the only one), anyhow Deftones is my fav band and I admire Chi a lot so I was hoping something more and hopefully they will do this one way or another and EROS been the prime way.

      • Lifeseclipse

        I think Kerry King is doing that right now over Jeff. He’s trying too hard to maintain a tough exterior, and it’s making him look like a dick to everyone. You don’t spend 30+ years with people and then not give a shit when they die. I’m certain King goes home and cries all over his snakes and Jäger merch.

      • CoLDgLaSStoNe

        Yeah, not the same but a similar scenario and I didn´t expect that from the rest of the Deftones, neither want it, just to write some words and that´s it, for the same exact reason: you don´t spend 20+ years along someone without telling some words about it, ME as a fan is the way I see it (expecting a little phrase at least) but there´s the other way to see it as a human being.
        *Just to clear things up.


      Shut up and crawl back into 2001.

  • TheMediaProphet

    Kind of bittersweet, some good news stemming from Chi’s passing.

  • AMeN

    I don’t know if alot of people know this, Chi was not wearing his seatbelt during the crash. This was on a highway, I don’t know guys. It’s awful but come on.


      I don’t know if you know this, but come on. You’re an asshole. I don’t know, it just seems that way. Just thought, you know, you should know.

    • scorpions

      Thanks for the 2 cents d-bag! You really helped out a lot!!!

    • Afghanistam

      I don’t know how I didn’t know that


        I personally thought it was common knowledge, but fail to see the relevance in bringing it up in regards to this news story. Seems a bit crass to me. Then again, what can you expect from an Atreyu fan.

    • southpawchew

      sooo if your mom got in an accedent and she wasnt wearing a seatbelt would you be like oh well she should of wore her seatbelt?

      • asull24

        its mothers day so i figured today would be a good day to answer this.
        yes i would be like you should have worn the fricken seat belt mom. WTF. then i would take the bitches keys, until she understood the the rules.

        i dont know were you got your mom from, but my mom cares, so that wouldnt be an issue.
        were your damm seat belt

    • AMeN

      Well that’s my most downvoted comment of all time.

      • adamonfire

        Yeah and for some reason there’s people that don’t want bands they enjoy to release more music. Something tells me this comment of yours may get more downvotes than the one above, which would be excellent deflection on your part.

      • AMeN

        I know and people above my post can’t even spell, and Jiggle is the most morose mother fucker around.


        This coming from the guy who’s all “Hai guyz, Chi wasn’t wearing a seatbelt!” as if it’s somehow relevant or tasteful at this point.

      • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

        people get really touchy with Deftones apparently, my most down voted comment was with a Deftones article

    • asull24

      i respect Chi as i respect every human but…..
      first, seat belts save lives.
      second, seat belts save lives.
      third, seat belts save lives.
      fourth, seat belts save lives.
      is it awful that Amen pointed out the truth. or is it awful that Chi the man you looked up to had no respect for himself or the people, family and friends around him.
      not wearing a seat belt is the most selfish thing any one can do.


        Hyperbole FTW

      • 8 bit ninja

        Well, actually…my sister was hit in in the drivers side door by a Chevy S10 that blew the red light and had to swerve out of the way of other traffic. She was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown out of the passenger window (which was rolled up at the time). She was rushed to the hospital but only sustained some bruising and soreness. The doctor told her that had she been wearing a seat belt that she would have been dead on impact.

        I always wear one and I don’t condone not doing it but there are many exceptions to every rule and you have no way of knowing which is going to apply to you at any given time.

    • hilldow

      Kind of like when you’re mom forgot to use her morning-after pill with you, you genetically defective hermaphrodite?

  • Borc

    I really think they should release it and set a portion (if not all) of the proceeds to the family to finish up any debt or medical bills that may be left over. It would definitely sell like gangbusters and a lot of good could come of it.

    • dagger666

      Thats a pretty good idea man!

  • ozarka

    hopefully some of the proceeds will go to Chi’s family. They gave everything to a predatory healthcare system

  • AJP

    Damn Chino, lay off the Twinkie’s!

    Why wasn’t Koi No Yokan even nominated for a grammy when it should have won?