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Atreyu Eyeing A Return From Their Hiatus?

While their various respective members have remained busy with other projects, Atreyu may be looking to break their hiatus. The band have been inactive for quite some time, having officially announced their hiatus back in January of 2011. A new posting made on the bands Facebook earlier today (May 11th) reads:

“REPOST- If you want ATREYU to write a new song for your ears to bleed too. Lets see how many really want a new track.”


  • AMeN

    Repost if you want Bullets and Butterfly Kisses, what an awesome album. Had that shit on my mini disc, do you assholes remember that?

    • TheBDanAbstract

      I remember that it’s called Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses. And yes, I remember the mini disc.

      • AMeN

        Thanks man

  • adamonfire

    I would love more Atreyu, as I really don’t give a shit about their other projects.

    • TheBDanAbstract

      If I Am War didn’t exist, I’d agree with this statement completely.

      • adamonfire

        To be honest I haven’t had time to give that one a listen yet, so I exclude that from my list pending giving that one a shot. But to be honest, from all the parties involved I really don’t see me not liking it.

  • dagger666

    Yeah same here I’m down for new atreyu if it’s a return to suicide notes, otherwise count me out.

  • My Farts Linger

    I really think they should consider staying on hiatus.

  • adamonfire

    I’m thinking, if we did do 1 new Atreyu song, it won’t be for a few months BUT I would like it to be given away free to our fans. You guys have given us soo much, if we can get it done , how cool would that be??? Truly punk rock! Just thinking aloud! Enjoy Mother’s Day! I am- ALpal
    Ps yes there will be tons of screaming and shredding ala the curse etc. none of that major label BS. Cross your fingers

  • Ganglor

    A Deathgrip On Yesterday > Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses

    Deal with it you nostalgic fucks…

    • adamonfire

      I approve. Not sure if this is good for you, though.

  • kturl69

    Oh great! Just what we need, another fucking Bon Jovi cover.