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Throwdown Headed To The Studio Next Week

Throwdown have returned to the public eye, announcing their plans to enter the studio next week. The as-yet untitled outing will be mixed by Zeuss (Hatebreed, Chimaira). Band frontman Dave Peters said of the new outing:

“It’s really exciting, if not a little nerve-wracking to be recording again. It has been almost 4 years since ‘Deathless‘ came out, which is about twice as long as the time between albums before it. While that has probably been annoying for fans that have been waiting and expecting a new record, it has also been the best thing for the writing process for the new album.

I’m really meticulous when writing and arranging even the simplest riffs and songs, so I like to take my time. It has been strange and nice having the freedom to come back to a song or part several weeks later with a different perspective after hitting a wall with it.

We’re taking a very minimalist approach with these songs, more like Vendetta and (the first half of) Haymaker. I avoid putting the cart before the horse, but I see the songs on the record coming out stripped down and yet still refined. A two-minute song can arrive at the same place as one that fucks around for six, and while it’s more challenging to get there in less time, it is a lot cooler when you do. I’ve been going back to that when I find myself maybe adding parts or lines that are at risk of being superfluous.

I’m very proud of ‘Deathless‘ and all the work that went into it, but it wasn’t a record that Throwdown fans expected. It was really polarizing on account of that. I’m simply not looking to continue down that stylistic road with these songs. This is going to be a hard record. I look forward to making it as much for myself as for longtime fans of the band.”

No release date yet, but the band are expected to release the outing through eOne.


  • allichs

    Sounds promising

  • adamonfire

    About time. Let’s get a country-wide tour, too.

  • Relentless_Beating

    If I was a into hardcore dancing, the air would be fucked when this comes out.


    They had me at “We’re taking a very minimalist approach…” I guess this means they will no longer be ripping off Pantera.

    • badfish

      I totally agree with you dude. Holy fuck did they ever sound like Pantera. Not bad though. Still fun to listen to for sure

      • scorpions

        You look like Joe Link

  • scorpions

    F yes… Haymaker/Vendetta > Venom and Tears/Deathless

  • NoCareEver

    Definitely a more promising approach but still hard to get TOO excited about when none of the people who were on Haymaker or their “minimalist” approach of their back catalog are even involved with the band’s music anymore. Hopes up though.


    The XXX Sellout is back and this time hes promising less watered down godsmack covers.

    Lol even tho I had to rip on them, I do enjoy this band.