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Nails – Abandon All Life

Southern Lord 2013
Nails - Abandon All Life

The fearsome blast of sonic bile that is Nails‘ “Abandon All Life” is certainly best taken in controlled doses. Often so virulent is the intent of the songs that it’s almost a blessing that they average only a minute in length. For you see, with the amount of wretchedness this group inject into each track; it’d be hard imagining them being able to prolong the aural punishment all the much longer and still have the same effect.

Brevity is not often a strength, but it certainly doesn’t undermine this outfits attempts at caving in the listeners skull. The acidic feedback, wrenched vocals and abrasive riff-driven excursions that encase the bands reckless flailing are well suited towards lacerating skin. But where Nails truly excel is in their surprising amount of control.

No more evident is this than in the pulverizing drumming laid down on tracks like “God’s Cold Hands” and “Suum Cuique“. Any outfit worth their weight in shred can shit out an assortment of screeching vocals and flash fire riffs. Nails however ensure there is a crushing follow-through by stacking a hefty amount of weight behind them.

As a whole, “Abandon All Life” may be a catastrophic blend of grind, metal and noise laden hardcore. The kind that recalls groups like Converge (whose guitarist Kurt Ballou produced this outing,) Cursed and Black Breath. But whereas those outfits have adapted to more traditional elements of songwriting and artistic expression over the years; Nails have only picked up speed and mass—making this album all the more powerful.

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  • cma3585

    Absolutely vicious.

  • kturl69

    Are you shittin me Wook!? He must be shittin me.

  • CanYouTransfuse

    God damn spot on. This band is one of the best three pieces to ever exist in the hardcore scene. Glad this got reviewed. Check out “Unsilent Death” as well if you like this.

    • kturl69

      Who the fuck are you to comment on my thread motherfucker?


      Unsilent Death is good shit. Been listening to these guys for a bit now.

  • adaptedtorment


  • nymets71087

    This is fucking heavy!

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    This Epitome of Brutality.

  • schuler

    This here is that shit that killed Elvis.

  • My Farts Linger

    Here’s the noise you were talking about, MyDarkPassenger.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      And yet I can’t wait to give this a listen. At a certain point noise comes back around to being worthwhile.

      • MyDarkPassenger

        From what I’ve heard from XM Liquid Metal, this is far more digestible than a band like Between the Buried and Me. Weird how that works.

  • scorpions

    How much did you like Jane Doe?

    • MyDarkPassenger

      I’m a fan, but Hell to Pay has always been my jam, which is the least noisy track of the bunch. Concubine kicks ass too though

  • Stenny

    Fuck yeah!

    This is just like my last experience with CANYOUTRANSLATES mom… she almost bit my dick off; so I put on this album and beat the shit out of her – my dick guys!

    —– Good find Wook —– Metal nowadays pretty much sucks, this is great.

  • Stenny

    This album wins. If it make me want to kick the shit out of people, I know it’s a raging metal album. Sorry Slayer. Your halfway there. Your new stuff makes me want to beat people up, Kerry King.

  • BecomesMyVeryShackles


    Device – 58 Comments
    Nails – 14 Comments

    Until this gets turned around, no one can say shit as to why Wook reviews shit like Device.

    By the way, Nails and the latest Enabler are just dirty awesome hardcore/metal.

  • DRobishow

    This is the best metal album I’ve heard all year. Devastating. I recommended it to a friend and his fuckin’ head exploded. Now I’m goin’ to jail. Worth it.

  • dagger666

    I grabbed the Obscene Humanity single 2 weeks ago and have been playing it a lot. Great stuff. Keen to get this also.