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The Black Dahlia Murder Detail New Album “Everblack”, Stream New Song “Into The Everblack”

The Black Dahlia Murder have revealed the details for their upcoming new album “Everblack“. Metal Blade Records will have the opus in stores on June 11th. According to band frontman Trevor Strnad:

“The opening track is the first actual song we’ve done about the Black Dahlia. This one is for the fans… they’ve been asking for this to happen for a long time. The story takes place at the Elizabeth Short’s rain drenched funeral, where her killer in attendance… just one of the many macabre tales woven into the fabric of Everblack.

Subterranean flesh-farming vampires, vine rape, Jeffery Dahmer, amputation… it’s all here! With this sixth slab of sickness I tried my best to honor the band’s legacy and write lyrics that will keep the legions of horror fiends perspiring with fear.”

Pre-orders for the album can be found at Meanwhile, below you can find the track listing and a stream of the new album track, “Into The Everblack“.

Everblack” track listing:

01 – “In Hell Is Where She Waits for Me
02 – “Goat of Departure
03 – “Into the Everblack
04 – “Raped in Hatred by Vines of Thorn
05 – “Phantom Limb Masturbation
06 – “Control
07 – “Blood Mine
08 – “Every Rope a Noose
09 – “Their Beloved Absentee
10 – “Map of Scars


  • stantheclam


    The beast is back and better than ever.


    These dudes never let me down. This album is gonna slay.

  • Alkeyhalikk

    Dudes are Elite, have been for a long time now.

  • schuler

    Ritual was fucking amazing. They get better with every album. Best line-up yet. Can’t wait.

    • My Farts Linger

      Ritual and Nocturnal are my favorite BDM albums. I also agree that they get better with every album, with the exception of ‘Deflorate.’ To me, it was a step backwards after Nocturnal.

      • WURST

        Ritual and Miasma, even though you didnt ask.

      • G Scotty

        Nocturnal was a game changer, tops my list

      • schuler

        Miasma is probably my least favorite overall at this point, even though “I’m Charming” and the title track are two of my BDM faves. I loved Deflorate. A lot of people don’t seem to, but I think there’s some awesome stuff there. It was pretty much only Eschbach doing the writing, as I understand, with Knight coming in after he joined and adding some things. Still a killer album in spite of that. “Black Valor” is the shit. But Ritual was that next-level shit. Totally killer from the first note to the last (“Suicide is the only way out…” Love it). New track slays, Everblack will be awesome.

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

    Fucking great taste for whats to come. So pumped for this album.

    Anyone else find it funny last year when Machine Head was banned from the HOB by Disney for anti-religious and anti-conservative lyrics but the Pagan grave robbers got to play?

    • Dax

      Are you in central FL? I was looking at hitting up that show, but I didn’t dig how the Orlando and Tampa dates were part of radio shows. I go to a ton of shows in the area man.

      This new song is stellar! The new drummer is holding it down! I was worried when Shannon exited. I preorderd the balls out of this. And I agree with schuler that Ritual was amazing. The release kind of flew under the radar but I dig it more than any release thus far. Super stokked for these guys!

      • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

        No I’m in Illinois but I saw that Machine Head was banned and thought it was weird that BDM with songs about necrophilia, human sacrifices, and the occult were cool to play.

        Like this year with Metal Alliance and Exodus was too “blasphemous” but High on Fire who made a video of a shotgun wielding, motorcycle riding Jesus and Municipal Waste who are fairly sacrilegious themselves played.

  • ethos

    i’m kind of disappointed honestly.

    • ethos

      whoops, had a different opinion than you guys. love this band, didn’t really care for this song. still stoked for the new album.

    • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

      I am too…

  • Slipping On Noise

    This album is going to rip. These guy are one of the few bands that I listen to that I can listen to every track, from every album without skipping over a single one. And each album is always an improvement in some way. Ryans solo in this song was incredibly melodic.

  • My Farts Linger

    Good song. Great band. Amazing live.

  • MyBowelTrigger

    Got to open up for these guys at the end of their tour cycle for Unhallowed. They have consistently pushed themselves to new heights with each album, and this one is no exception. They deserve all the success they’ve received

  • Bleedsfromthesky

    Great song. Sounds like this one will be as good as Ritual and Nocturnal

  • skyburial

    Yes. More of that please. Pre-order incoming.

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