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Sepultura Tap Ross Robinson And Steve Evetts For New Album

Sepultura will be returning to their “roots” with their next studio album. The band have opted to once again team up with producer Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Glassjaw) for the album sessions, which will take place at Robinson‘s Venice, California studio in June. Steve Evetts will also be back in the fray as well, co-producing the outing.

Sepultura and Robinson previously teamed up on the 1996 release, “Roots“. While Evetts and the band have have worked together numerous times in the past. A late 2013 release date for the effort via Nuclear Blast Records is tentatively in the works.


  • Dax

    Steve Evetts’ work on Turmoil’s The Process Of was just stellar. I can’t really think of anything heavier sounding. Good luck to these guys, but man, I have a hard time connecting with anything post Roots.


    Not really concerned about this, it’ll still suck.

  • scorpions

    This actually sounds fn’ cool to me foo’

  • kturl69

    So I was gonna make a comment about how Max Cavalera is a fucking joke. Then I realized he hasn’t been in this band since 97. Shows how much I listen to this shitty band.

  • chtimixeur

    The last album was actually very good. Anyone who doubts it whould listen to the song called Relentless. I wish they had chosen the same producer, it really sounded like the Chaos AD era sonically.

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