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Ministry To Release ‘Final’ Album “From Beer To Eternity” In September

Never say never when it comes to Ministry. The band are lining up a September release date for their ‘final’ studio album, “From Beer To Eternity“. The opus features guitar playing from the late Mike Scaccia (also of Rigor Mortis fame), who passed away this past December. Bassist Tony Campos (Soulfly, ex-Static-X, etc.), guitarist Sin Quirin and drummer Aaron Rossi were also involved in the sessions.

Scaccia‘s death has apparently served as a motivator and inspiration for the final release, with band mastermind Al Jourgensen telling Noisey:

Mikey was my best friend in the world and there’s no Ministry without him. But I know the music we recorded together during the last weeks of his life had to be released to honor him.

So after his funeral, I locked myself in my studio and turned the songs we had recorded into the best and last Ministry record anyone will ever here. I can’t do it without Mikey and I don’t want to. So yes, this will be Ministry’s last album.”

Given Jourgensen‘s delicate health on recent tours, he doesn’t plan embark on any touring in support of the album—though a show or two isn’t out of the question. The track listing for the album can be found below along with a trailer which previews the new track, “Thanx But No Thanx“.

Jourgensen also has an authorized biography titled “Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen” due out on DaCapo Books in August.

From Beer To Eternity” track listing:

Hail To His Majesty
Punch In The Face
Perfect Storm
Fairly Unbalanced
The Horror
Side Fx Include Mikey’s Middle Finger (T.V.4)
Lesson Unlearned
Thanx But No Thanx
Change Of Luck
Enjoy The Silence


  • pigtails and jagerbombs

    As much as he’s said this before….I believe this one will be the last…sad situation….a buddy of mine does sound for Ministry and said how much of great guy Mike was and how it would affect the band….rip Mike

  • HornsandClaws

    Spacebook lol

    • dmoe

      haha I loved hearing that.

  • cma3585

    So uhh…didn’t crazy ol Uncle Al say he wasn’t putting out anymore music if Bush was re-elected? Is he moving to Canada with Sean Penn now?

    • Lern2Swim

      He said he was going to move to Canada, not that he wasn’t going to put out any more music (he’s actually been very open about the fact that he actually feels he puts out better music when someone he doesn’t like is in the white house). Obviously, he didn’t move to Canada.

      You must be proud of the fact that you never say anything hyperbolic.