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Sevendust Premiere “Decay” Music Video

Sevendust have premiered their music video for their new track “Decay” online below. The song serves as the first single from the groups newly-released album “Black Out The Sun“—which arrived in stores today, March 26th. A stream of the album can be heard at if you are lucky enough to get it to work.


  • Njustice4all

    looks like morgan rose forgot to turn his swag off.


      Thumbs down for using the term “swag.” Please die.

      • WURST

        I second that.

  • kturl69

    Love this fucking shit!

    • WURST

      Kturl, my nigga! Had a killer rum and coke on the way home from work while jamming this bad boy. Shit kicks ass.

      • kturl69

        Drinkin n drivin eh Wurst? Shame on you!

      • WURST

        There’s drinking and driving, and then there’s drunk driving. Big difference. I was drinking and driving, sir.

      • kturl69

        What about shitfaced driving? Is that bad?

      • WURST

        Only if you get caught haha. Joking.

      • kturl69


  • My Farts Linger

    Wook, the recent comments section is all fucked up…again.

    • wookubus

      Fine on my end. Know that logged in means no caching, logged out means its updated every few hours, but that only applies to certain portions of the site.

      I’m guessing your local browser cache just got bunged up and wasn’t updating properly. Hard refresh if you are still having probs.