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Alien Ant Farm Preview New Track “Let Em Know”

A brief preview of a new Alien Ant Farm song titled “Let Em Know” can be heard below. This crowdfunding campaign is currently underway to aid in the release of the bands new studio album, “Always And Forever“.


  • picobo

    after watching, I’m wondering…
    producer mailing a cd when he can email an mp3??
    crowdfunding when he can sell that big ass tv??
    ‘what goes around comes around’ still being used in lyrics??
    …ok, mom says dinner’s ready, I’ll continue later!

  • adamonfire

    Dryden’s getting some rap game in there. Sounds interesting.

  • verse.chorus.breakdown

    AAF isn’t metal.


    “ — Metal, Hardcore And Rock News, Reviews And More”

    AAf definitely qualify as a rock band, meathead.


      Meant for the duder above.

      Fucking reply button, how does it work?!

      • verse.chorus.breakdown

        There’s always one who takes the bait. #butthurt

  • kturl69

    Sounds great. AAF rules.

  • Sniki

    It sounds Muse-ish? Kinda… And some other thing I can’t quite pinpoint right now. Will have to check the song properly, and the album, too. Liked ANThology (Universe is awesome, I wish they went in that direction more, or at least kept with the general tone of the album, instead of doing a Sugar Ray and going for the Movies cashcow), so I’ll think they can (still) do good stuff…