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Killswitch Engage Release First Part Of “Disarm The Descent” Documentary

Killswitch Engage have begun airing a five part 30 minute documentary which chronicles the making of their new studio album “Disarm The Descent“. The first installment can be seen below via

The feature is dubbed “New Awakening” and was put together by directors Mike Pecci and Ian McFarland (Fear Factory, Meshuggah). It will be made available in full on a bonus DVD included with deluxe edition of “Disarm The Descent“; which Roadrunner Records have set for an April 02nd release date.


  • tenwestchaser

    Brand new dude in the band? Kind of a weird way to talk about the frontman that helped establish your band.

  • SFilthy

    Welcome to the real world…where people use sarcasm.

    • tenwestchaser

      I get that. I also get that the dude is a huge jokester. My point is that he sounded pretty sincere in his delivery. If he meant otherwise, then he failed and the joke wasn’t funny. Not that he ever really is anyway.