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Alice In Chains Reveal Tentative Track Titles For “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”

A number of tentative track titles for Alice In Chains‘ forthcoming new studio album “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” were revealed in the latest issue of Revolver—which also sees the band, complete with a short haired Jerry Cantrell, gracing the cover. Tracks set to appear on the album, which will arrive in late May, include:

Low Ceiling
The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Lab Monkey
Hung On A Hook
Pretty Done
Breath On A Window
Phantom Limb

According to the article, the title track in particular will see the band courting controversy with a chorus that goes, “The devil put dinosaurs here/Jesus don’t like a queer… No problem with faith, just fear.”

Band vocalist/guitarist William DuVall said of the track:

“We had to think a bit and discuss what the potential fallout might be. There’s a fine line between provoking and gratuitous offending. And there’s also a fine line between provoking and preaching.”


  • rageofthemage

    I guess none of those fine lines intersect with the highway of subtlety anymore…

    I mean not to piss on this before I give it a chance, but those lyrics are kind of petulant and awful. Not because they’re offensive, or dangerous, they’re just kind of immature and boring.

    Know what the fallout will be guys? Millions of metal heads falling asleep at the wheel while listening to your record. Endangering countless lives… causing scenes of fiery bloody destruction to spill out across the highways of America. All the while this album plays in the background from the one lonely stereo playing it; it’s driver’s brain matter sprayed across a mile long path of death… all because of you Alice in Chains.

    Goddammit. That sounds pretty metal. I forget what my point was…

    • Bitter Old Man

      That’s a pretty petulant reaction to a very short lyric. From a song you haven’t heard. From an album you also haven’t heard.

      • mad_hiddy

        maybe if you actually read what he posted, you would’ve seen the line where he says “I mean not to piss on this before I give it a chance…”. He has a right to think whatever the fuck he wants.

      • Bitter Old Man

        “He meant not to piss on it”…but he did. Which makes saying “I mean not to piss on this” a worthless comment. And if you actually read what I posted, I never said he doesn’t have a right to think what he wants. I was just reacting. This is a public forum and that’s what people do. And I have the right to tell you to get a life and piss off, hiddy. Whatever the fuck that means.

      • Afghanistam

        @ madhitty. think whatever the fuck you want as long as its not a shot at alice in chains, asshole.

    • Afghanistam

      @rageofthemage; youre an idiot. lay off the crack pipe.

      • rageofthemage

        @Afghanistam; you’re a bore. Do some drugs.

      • Afghanistam

        rageofthemage “thumbs up” his own posts. appearantly hes that guy on facebook who likes his own status updates when no one else does.

    • rageofthemage

      Bitter Old Man

      You’re retarded. Like honestly. That whole post was a fucking joke. Jesus Christ dude you must be a blast at parties.

      • Bitter Old Man

        Forgive me then…I’m used to jokes being funny.

  • cma3585

    Cantrell cut his hair…Load Pt 2.

  • Dixon Cider

    “Jesus don’t like a queer…” uh oh!, say it ain’t so Jerry!

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence
  • wearesorta138

    Seems like a good middle finger against creationist stupidity. Besides, they did Queen of the Rodeo way back when. Probably the best song to blast out of your truck around rednecks.

    • mad_hiddy

      yeah I’m really hoping that is the case. Otherwise they just come off as very uneducated.