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Asking Alexandria Vocalist Danny Worsnop Says Aerosmith Are His “All Time Biggest Inspiration”

It’s a safe bet that Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop will never see eye to eye with High On Fire‘s Matt Pike when it comes to music. Worsnop recently took to his Twitter to sing the praises of Aerosmith with the following tweet:

“From time to time, I forget just how perfect Aerosmith are. Then I play their songs and my soul comes alive. My all time biggest inspiration”

Pike on the other hand of course previously stated that Aerosmith‘s career is a “a hot, heaping pile of dog shit“. Asking Alexandria have a new studio album due out later this year on Sumerian Records.


  • MyDarkPassenger

    I tend to side with Pike on this one especially considering the dry anal raping their legacy has taken over the last 20 years.

  • BlueBalls

    An androgynous dude who choreographs his stage moves cites Aerosmith as his “ultimate influence?” Ya don’t say. Aerosmith completely changed the way he and his bandmates perceive the world, though mainly in terms of hairstyle and pants size. They may have taken “Dude Looks Like a Lady” a bit too seriously.

    My opinion of Aerosmith is somewhere between this guy and Pike’s. I don’t consider them legends but I don’t particularly dislike them either. David Draiman still exists so I’m not going to waste much of my time badmouthing Aerosmith.