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Ex-Killswitch Engage Singer Howard Jones Working On New Project With All Shall Perish & Devolved Members (Updated)

Ex-Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones has a new band in the works with members of All Shall Perish and Devolved. The news recently slipped out via the Facebook of Mike Gitter, who is helping represent the group as part of King Artist Management (thanks

Update – March 07th 11:36pm:

Metal Injection have word that the All Shall Perish member involved in the outfit is guitarist Francesco Artusato.


  • wyldweasil

    Can we expect another Blood Has Been Shed?

    • TheMediaProphet


    • MTOcean890

      Please! When Howard got fired I thought that would be the next logical step.

    • sickboy_xl

      Bring it on! Anyone else. I have Novella of Uriel in my CD player right now (remember those things?)

  • adamonfire

    Get ‘em, tiger

  • My Farts Linger

    After reading this, I am no longer flaccid.

  • kturl69

    OHHHHHHH SHIIITTTTTTT. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

  • SpinSwimScream

    Hopefully, Howard can do a little more screaming and a lot less whining. That would be much better on all of our ears.


    Hopefully, all the pussy has left Howard’s body and now he will quit whine-singing and just scream.


    I enjoy Howard more than Jesse anyway. Bring it on!


    I like Howard better than Jesse. This is good news.

    • G Scotty

      YA DON’T SAY!

      • G Scotty

        oh…sorry…i see that you did say

  • SpinSwimScream

    Jesse Leach is a much better singer than Howard Jones. Howard’s screams are good, but he can’t sing at all; he whines. Jesse can sing and scream very well. Jesse can also write lyrics beyond that of a 5th grader. Howard Engage was definitely their downfall.