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Music From Between The Buried And Me, God Forbid, Etc. Featured In Upcoming “Death Goat” Video Game

Music from Between The Buried And Me, God Forbid, Holy Grail, Vanisher and more will be featured in the upcoming independently developed heavy metal-inspired video game, Death Goat.

The twin-stick shooter is expected to be made available through Xbox Live‘s Indie Games initiative by the months end. Currently some footage of the game in action that was captured during a recent game test can be found in the below embedded video:


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    • G Scotty     March 6, 2013 at 1:48 am

      reminds me of those top-down view boards from Contra III: Alien Wars….i kept waiting for the little headbanger to do a double spread gun spin. This looks like a fun time waster for a few minutes.

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