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Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes Launches New Outfit IHATE

Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes is experiencing a rather prolific period of activity. In addition to the groups new album “Unborn” (out March 19th on Metal Blade) Barnes has announced his participation in a new side project dubbed IHATE. You can check out a track titled “Stretcher” from the outfit below:


  • skyburial


  • Lifeseclipse

    I read the lyrics and I couldn’t stop think of Dave Chapelle saying, “You have smoked yourself retarded.”

  • Sam Eagle

    I had a recent “prolific period of activity” on the toilet… The results are still the same: Shit.

  • adamonfire

    I hope this side project has a stroke.

  • NobisMetal

    What a fuckin joke!! Chris Barnes sounds like he’s working around a big jiz load in his mouth. Give it up you old bastard. You suck!! IHATE this fucking song!!

  • zomic

    Greatest homemade metal video of 2013…the nerves react!!!

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