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Bring Me The Horizon Vocalist Tells Fans Not To Believe Ex-Guitarist Regarding “Sempiternal” (Updated)

There appears to be a bit of tension between Bring Me The Horizon and their former guitarist Jona Weinhofen. The following series of tweets from the bands frontman Oliver Sykes were recently made:

“i would like to advise our fans NOT to believe the comments or answers given by @jonaweinhofen regarding our album ‘Sempiternal‘”

“he composed none of the final riffs or music heard on the record, and recorded absolutely nothing heard on the record also.”

“he had no involvement with the lyrics, nor were any lyric meanings ever disclosed to him. we thank our fans for their continued dedication!”

The apparent comments in question which Weinhofen made were not directly specified. Bring Me The Horizon will release their new album “Sempiternal” on April 30th in North America in both standard and deluxe configurations.

Update – February 25th 11:31am:

Weinhofen has responded to Sykes‘ comments via his Twitter, stating:

“Thanks to all my loyal fans for sticking by me during this awkward time. I’m glad you have the ability & sense to make up your own minds given the lack of information and truth you have been provided with regarding this whole Bmth situation.”


  • Izzy

    It’s funny that this doesn’t come out til the end of April and it’s already “out” there. Only listened to it once but it doesn’t sound bad. If you like these guys you will like the album.

  • dagger666

    It’ll be interesting to hear how Jona got let go sometime down the track. I thought they were all great mates. In interviews they seemed to be having a blast together.

  • AMeN

    Album isn’t bad, Jona is a tool, met him during an IKTPQ show, of course I didn’t go see that band, I mean no one in Australia has “proms” to begin with.

  • metaldetected

    Where the hell is this “out there”? It’s not on the traditional avenues (Usenet, IRC)… please don’t tell me it’s something mundane and elementary like it’s leaked on YouTube or something stupid?

    • metaldetected

      I apologize. You’re right. confirmed as well as Wikipedia’s entry on the album. I can’t wait to hear it, big anticipation. I’m absolutely buying the deluxe version, anyway… so they’re not losing my support because of an uncharacteristically early leak (reminds me of the “old days”). Remember when albums leaked MONTHS in advance instead of DAYS? Oh well. They have my support; yeah I may download stuff before it hits retail, but I can honestly say that I keep it honest and buy the CD’s that are worth my money. Now, let me see how this thing is… sucks for the band though.

      But I think of it this way… if you’re just one that downloads albums and never supports the artists and buys their stuff, it doesn’t truly matter WHEN you download it– if you never were planning on buying it to begin with. On the other hand, if you were planning on getting it, you’re gonna get it, regardless. Just my thoughts on the idea as a whole.

      • Ganglor

        I don’t think anyone here was going to knock you for downloading an album a month before it officially releases. If you’re a fan of a band of course you’re going to download it if the alternative is hearing other people talk about it for a month before you get a chance to officially listen. Fans want to hear new music as soon as possible; it happens.

        That said that album is nowhere to be found on Usenet for some strange reason. I had to pretend like it was almost two years ago and use a download link. That said the album is fucking great and is a day one purchase for me.

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