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Bring Me The Horizon Teasing “Exciting News” For “Sempiternal”

Bring Me The Horizon are teasing “exciting news” in relation to their new album “Sempiternal“. The group had the following to say of that earlier today:

“Due to the phenomenal demand of Sempiternal we have some very exciting news coming this week. We are stoked you’re all loving it. Fuck yea.”

An advance copy of the album recently surfaced online, suggesting that the news could possibly be related to bringing the release date of the album forward. At present it is slated for an April 30th North American release date on Epitaph.


  • Ganglor

    Might as well release it asap via digital outlets. It’s a surprisingly good album and every day they wait to release it will result in more lost sales. Whatever day they decide to release it though I’ll be buying.

  • kturl69

    Downloading it as I’m typing this. I have a feeling it’s gonna kick some major ass.