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Clutch – Earth Rocker

Weathermaker Music 2013
Clutch - Earth Rocker

It’s been said that you’re never too old to rock n’ roll—if that’s the case then consider Clutch living proof. With their tenth studio album “Earth Rocker“, the long-running outfit have assembled what is perhaps their most concise and revved up collection of songs to date. A rollicking assortment of good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll grit torqued for maximum performance.

Brimming with vigor, these groove-laden tracks are an undeniable force. A near constant stream of forward momentum and rugged grace that instantly melts off the excess pounds accrued during the bands recent years of blues and jam based ventures. Simply put, this is Clutch with the pedal pinned to the floor.

Boasting some of their most direct and incendiary material to date, “Earth Rocker” as a whole is razor sharp. Whether it be in the smug demeanor of Neil Fallon‘s vocal delivery and his riled up hobo prophet lyrics; the searing whirlwind of surprisingly solo-heavy guitar work; the shrewd slinky/abrasive duality of the bass; or the impressively bombastic drumming—every instrument is purposeful and fits together with seasoned craftsmanship.

An almost entirely straight-forward assault, it’s certainly a leaner take on the trademark Clutch sound. But it’s not without its hallmarks and surprises. The ripping blues harp (or harmonica as it were) serves as a nice nod to “Electric Worry” on the thunderous “D.C. Sound Attack“—a cut which expertly showcases just how deep drummer Jean-Paul Gaster‘s pockets can go.

In fact, it is often Gaster‘s locktight grooves that steal the spotlight. Even when he is at his most rudimentary he still manages to shine. Just look to the numbing rumble of his deafening floor tom hits on “Book, Saddle & Go” for clear proof of that. The rhythm section may be heavy on horsepower, but a considerable amount of credit must also go towards the bands decision to re-team with producer Machine. His low-end enriched production style adds serious oomph to the fray, granting the songs serious impact.

With only one or two tracks present that adopt a slower pace, Clutch hit a consistent stride here and make the most of it. If anything this is their most raucous and direct performance in years. The rowdy spark of their youth has been reignited, leaving “Earth Rocker” magma hot.

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  • adaptedtorment

    I can’t wait for this to come out! These guys are seriously some of the hardest working musicians out there, and the “hobo prophet lyrics” are always interesting.

  • kturl69

    Fucking love me some Clutch tunes. I’ll give this a spin, oh wait…I mean I’ll press play on my itunes.

  • Geor!

    I was less than impressed with the title track, but your review indicates that I will like it. And why wouldn’t I? I’ve loved every other album they’ve released.

  • BecomesMyVeryShackles

    I’m hesitant about this considering my disappointment with Strange Cousins. It may be due to the fact that I love From Beale Stree to Oblivion so much. Thanks to wook, I now have faith.

  • HoodooOperator

    This is easily the most anticipated release this year for me. After Koi No Yokan, of course. These guys are the most underrated American rock n’ roll band of the past 2 decades. Already have my tickets for the SF show next month and I cannot wait to suffer no evil and let my guitar guide me through.

    • kturl69

      KNY was released last year.

      • HoodooOperator

        I don’t remember asking you a God damn thing.

      • WURST

        Don’t be mad because you’re the idiot, Hoodoo.

    • HoodooOperator

      HaHaHaHaHa!!!!!! Oh man….

  • coolguy2424

    44 fucking ratings and no download link, wtf? I am happy as a fucking clam that Clutch has their own record label and destroyed the fact that their new record could be leaked. My pre-order is in and only three weeks to go until I can listen to the new record.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    Yeah weird this has been rated by fans yet it doesn’t appear to have popped up on torrent sites yet. Kinda waters down the reliability of such a rating.

    • cma3585

      Not many were concerned when people were throwing 5′s at Deftones when I pointed this out previously. Not sure what anyone gets out of rating an album before listening.

  • coolguy2424

    For those of you that are less initiated than others around you, Clutch is releasing a new record and you can buy it here:

    Pre-order ‘Earth Rocker’ and become one of the coolest kids in your class!

  • jayofdajungle

    Could be a great album, but terrible album name.

  • Stenny

    Dropping this review three weeks prior to release seems a little premature Wook. With there being 100% less reviews than 3 years ago, could you wait until closer to release?

    The review sounds like a leaner Blast Tyrant, and then to learn Machine is producing again -call me excited. —- TMI —- I have a grudge agianst Machine. Not a fan of his body of work, but shit – Blast Tyrant is on its own level.

    • cma3585

      Fear not…it’s out there now.

  • Stenny

    Gave this a a quick listen, it sounds good. Jean’s drumming is at his grooviest. Near the end of the album, the Bonham/shuffle beats just dominate.

  • Dixon Cider

    Clutch at its best!

  • southpawchew

    I am digging it