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Marilyn Manson Collapses Onstage In Saskatoon, SK, Footage Posted

Marilyn Manson collapsed onstage during his bands performance in Saskatoon, SK last night, February 06th. EMT’s were reportedly called to the scene with fan reports also stating that Manson was seen vomiting on the stage. Fan-filmed footage of the collapse can be seen below. No word yet on Manson‘s condition from the bands camp.


  • Scott Jones

    Guess his daily diet of coke and absinthe has caught up with him.

    • Ganglor

      You tend to lose weight if you do coke on the regular. Absinthe mixed with Coca-Cola may be a more reasonable guess seeing as how last time I saw him live a couple months ago he looked like a pudgy little mall goth.

    • emvath

      I read that as Diet Coke and absinthe.

  • Lifeseclipse

    Crossing fingers for “unable to make music for life”

  • Sniki

    Am I the only one highly amused by the fact that none of his “bandmates” (employees?) even bother to stop playing? Not sure if they even noticed… Maybe they’re not allowed to look at him :?

    • RontaviusMartez

      It’s called the show must go on. Don’t stop for any reason. U ever been in a band before?

      • kturl69

        Yeah, haven’t you ever been in a band before BRO?

      • Sniki

        In a band, yes. In several bands, also yes. In a band with Manson, nope. I mean, what was he doing during that tour that he had to tell his bandmates “yo, if I ever collapse onstage, never mind, keep playing”? – not to mention, if a bandmate of mine collapses onstage, I immediately stop, check him out and call for help (and if it happened to me, and my bandmates didn’t do that, I’d probably stab them in the face once I was back up)

    • jg566

      Yeah, especially Manson. No one knows what off the cuff antics he’s gonna do. I’ve seen countless shows where the band knows to just keep going..

  • MyDarkPassenger

    I think this guys had a wicked heroin addiction for a long fucking time. Probably cocaine as well, frankly I’m stunned he’s still walking the earth.

  • rreddrop

    The show doesn’t look too crowded…

    • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

      The venue hold a little over 2,000

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

    He was either drunk/high (probably) or just does not give a fuck anymore (definitely). I did enjoy the 1:18 mark when the mic picked up the sound of puking. He has been pretty honest about his love of absinthe and cocaine so I eagerly await his explanation of “exhaustion”. Watching his backing band and the crowd carry on without him was fairly comical.

  • teddykrueger

    apparently, he likes the drugs but the drugs don’t like him.

    • whatisyourforte


  • adamonfire

    Well at least no one can accuse him of singing to tape

  • adaptedtorment

    It already got removed! WTF

  • coolguy2424

    Manson is dead. Long live Manson.

  • kturl69

    It’s just beer, it’s just beer. He’s a freak, he’s the fastest kid alive.

  • damn

    We’re all veterans now, in the dope show.