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Whitechapel Members Star In ‘Extreme Metal Unplugged’ Comedy Skit

Whitechapel‘s Alex Wade and Ben Savage star in a new comedy skit titled ‘Extreme Metal Unplugged‘ which you can watch below:


  • musicisgay

    I love Whitechapel, but this was lame and not funny in the least bit.

  • Vitamin Doom

    This is not the Ben Savage I was hoping for.

    • kturl69

      My thoughts exactly. I was hoping for the dude who was banging Topanga on the playground. Shit.

  • posi kill

    it’s actually hard to be this unfunny. i feel like this was written by an insurance adjuster.

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

    This was probably that Neil Hamburger/hipster/alternative comedy bullshit where its so unfunny its actually hilarious.