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Korn To Perform With Ex-Guitarist At ‘Rock On The Range’, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains & Many More To Appear

Those itching to see Korn perform with their original guitarist Brian “Head Welch in the United States now have a chance. The group will perform with Welch in tow at this years annual ‘Rock On The Range‘ at the Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio.

This years edition of the festival will take place May 17th-19th and feature the following artists:

Alice In Chains
Smashing Pumpkins
(feat. Brian “Head” Welch)
Stone Sour
Three Days Grace
Papa Roach
Cheap Trick
Bullet For My Valentine
Lamb Of God
A Day To Remember
Hollywood Undead
All That Remains
Steel Panther
Sick Puppies
Asking Alexandria
Pop Evil
In Flames
In This Moment
Black Veil brides
The Sword
Motionless In White
Middle Class Rut
Big Wreck
Redline Chemistry
Young Guns
Thousand Foot Krutch
Mindset Evolution
Beware Of Darkness
Heaven’s Basement
American Fangs
Love And Death
Gemini Syndrome

Further details can be obtained at


  • adamonfire

    Most certainly enough for me to go to this, I’ve had my hotel booked and days taken off of work for over a month now. However, I can’t help but feel disappointed that they really didn’t strive to make this akin to Download and get someone huge such as Black Sabbath or Rage. I Love the 90′s – Festival Edition (it’s a good thing I do).

    • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

      Because Sabbath or Rage could fill the stadium on their own?

      • adamonfire


      • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

        I know. my point is they don’t need to do festivals because they would do very well on their own. I worded it very shittily, My bad.

      • adamonfire

        They still do festivals – Sabbath did Lolla last year and Rage has done Download/L.A. Rising and a few other ones. I just consider these two bands to be at the very top of my bucket list now that Metallica will be in town for 2 days over the summer, so it would’ve been nice for one of the two to perform at RotR. While I like the line-up, it’s also quite dated and I felt with the full 3rd day added they were really going to go balls to the wall with the booking.


    The top five bands look a lot like my high school playlist. Still love the top three to death.

  • jg566

    I’d go

  • SiX50SiD

    The only question I have is LOG for a May show? hopefully he is not imprisoned.

  • BlueBalls

    I’m considering it. The top three bands justify the ticket price and there’s a handful of non-headliners I like in there too. Bands like Stone Sour and Three Days Grace would give me the opportunity to walk around, mingle, smoke down and people watch while enjoying the luxury of short beer and bathroom lines.

    • adamonfire

      I read they’re also making a comedy tent this year, which I’m hoping has a good act when Sick Puppies are on.

      • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

        If there is comedy tent I hope they get the following:
        Brian Posehn
        Paul F. Tompkins
        Marty DeRosa
        Patton Oswalt
        Doug Stanhope
        Marc Maron
        Kyle Kinane (fucking hilarious. I hope he blows up real soon)
        Todd Barry
        David Cross


        Sick Puppies annoy me to no end. It’s like they don’t even know how to write SONGS. Why they’ve enjoyed ANY success is beyond me.

      • adamonfire

        You had me at Brian Posehn.

        I don’t mind vouching for radio rock bands, but Sick Puppies are just fucking terrible. They played at a festival I was at in Houston and I’d say they’re easily in the bottom 5 in terms of quality of bands I’ve seen. Sadly they’re too big for a side stage, which would at least give me one more option. They dropped off the Seether tour this past fall and Kyng was making fun of them, so hearing that + not having to hear SP = good show.

      • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

        what was the deal with the seether tour? I am very happy Kyng is getting on a lot of tours lately. I hope they land a Mayhem spot this year.

      • adamonfire

        We were the very last day of the tour, but I think Sick Puppies dropped off a few days prior to record or the lady was having a baby or something like that but I was glad I didn’t have to see them.

  • hippiepunk

    This very well maybe the best line up they have had so far. It’s a good mix of older and newer bands. I really like the fact that bands like Thousand Foot Krutch, Mindset Evolution, and The Sword are playing.